Winter X Fashion

Winter can be the most wonderful time of the year, but being cold takes
all the fun out of it ! Luckily there are many ways to stay warm,even in the coldest of climates.
This article should help you keep cozy as we celebrate winter, and all its

1. Dress warmly !

Warm clothing especially when its layered, not only prevents exposure, it
also helps retain body heat

Personal note : Scarfs, coats and boots

2. Eat warm food

Have tea, a coffee or any delicious winter soups as much as you can to keep
your body warm.

Personal note: I recommend “news café restaurant”, they have they best
hospitality and a very warm environment

3. Take hot baths

The fastest way to relax your muscles, especially after a stressful day can
warm you up in no time

Personal note: Take a shower standing, you will love the release of energy

4. Lastly

It’s amazing how a great state of mind can increase blood circulation and
help the body adjust and keep us warm.

So share a joke ! Have a laugh or two

Outfit details

*”Un-defined Charisma”*

Blazer – Polyester camel blazer with an interesting take on the tux
Tie – Matching wool slim tie
Shirt- Striped white and blue fitted shirt to a bit of contrast
Pants – Black semi-casual pants
Socks – Happy socks
Shoes – Brown brogues and a matching belt

My Fashion Statement : “Throw in some personal touches to add character to
your outfit (accessories) – e.g glasses, pockets squares, lapel pins, a

Stylist: Zee (+263777203225)
Photo-credit: Lynn Rutendo Mutsvikiri
Model:  [Dyonne Tanaka]  IG | @demented_ambition
Author : Fashion Blogger -Nigel Mtetah < IG | @nigelmtetah>

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