Getting to know the Afro-Jazz songbird, Tahle Wedzinza

With her beautiful Afro angelic voice which has exploded our radios and specifically the hit song ‘Chekeche’, it is no doubt that Tahle Wedzindza will soon be the Queen of African pop. Being the only female in the Military Touch Movement and beating all the stereotypes, Tahle gives us a scoop of her musical journey. This is what she had to say during her interview with Exposé.

Who is Tahle Wedzinza?
Tahle: I am a 19 year old cross genre artist.

Where did your love and passion for music come from?
Tahle:My music talent was discovered by my mother. She coached me through certain musical genres. In primary school I was involved in a lot of artistry things. I was in the choir, drama and poetry clubs. At the age of 16, I started working with the PE jazz band but I was mostly into classical music especially opera. I love listening to tribal music by artists such as Jazz Salif Keita. I am also into Afro-pop and African beats.

Do you come from a musical background?
Tahle: Yes I do. My mother is a musician. She plays grade 5 piano.

Do you play any musical instruments?
Tahle: Yes, if you consider the recorder as an instrument. I do play marimba as well.

Who are some of your musical influences?
Tahle: My mother, Salif Keita, Oliver Mtukudzi, and Yemi Alade. They speak to the music I try to develop as an artist.

Tell us about your first public performance.
Tahle: It was when I was in grade 6. I don’t remember much but I remember my mother looking happy.

When did you start working with Military Touch Movement aka “MTM”?
Tahle: In December 2016.

How does it feel being the only female in the MTM (Military touch Movement)?
Tahle: It is interesting, exciting and at the same time difficult. I am taking it as a learning curve although I face a lot of pressure.

Apart from music what else do you love doing?
Tahle: I love public speaking, broadcasting on issues that affect children and gender based violence an i also love to do makeup.

How busy is your music schedule?
Tahle: Initially I didn’t think it was going to be as hectic as it is right now. Even when you are not singing, just by walking people expect a lot from you so you’re expected to deliver. Juggling it all, I give all thanks to my mother and her prayers. She is the one who does all the balancing for me.

Which has been your best performance?
Tahle: HIFA 2015. It was my best, not because of the audience but the chemistry I had with my fellow musicians. Music is all about chemistry, the feeling and the genuineness of the energy that you give out.

Who is your manager and promoter?
Tahle: My mother is my manager. As for a promoter we are still sifting.

Any shout outs?
Tahle: My young brother Tendekai who is my number one fan, my best friend Zeyna, the MTM crew and the Gateway High School choir.

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