35 Fun (and inexpensive) date ideas that don’t suck!

Dates do not always have to be expensive and what is more important is the time couples spend together. Let’s face it, life in this economy is difficult, but you can still make the most of it. So, whether you have been married for 20 years, together for 4 or just getting ready for your first date, money does not always have to be an issue. Here is a list of fun, inexpensive (or free) date ideas you can try out.

1. Go on a very long walk around your neighborhood at night. Be sure to be safe.

2. Spa night together – Light up some candles and spoil each other with home treatments like bubble baths, exfoliation and foot massages.

3. Test drive your dream car. Or any fancy car.

4. Teach each other something – your partner probably knows how to do something that you don’t and vice versa. This is the perfect opportunity to teach each other something.

5. Volunteer together – This could be very fulfilling and you are guaranteed to make some amazing memories while you at it.

6. Wash the car and flirt with each other.

7. Get competitive – Do a puzzle together or play video games together. It is a great way to laugh and bond.

8. Create art together – Draw each other or make use of body paint.😉 Release the inner artist in you just for a day, Stick figures allowed.

9. Bake a cake or cookies together and decorate it with your favourite toppings.

10. Netflix and Chill – Pop some popcorn, cuddle up and take turns to pick movies you can watch. Or even better, binge watch a whole season of a new series.

11. Pray or meditate together – This will make you feel closer to each other as it will make you feel vulnerable.

12. Share dreams – Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to ideas. Pin everything you like to a “OUR FABULOUS LIFE” board.

13. Ride bicycles together.

14. Plan a game night with a group of friends – Split up into teams and play a game of 30 Seconds or Charades. Throw in a few snacks too. And by snacks, we mean vodka.

15. Attend an open house – Dress up and look at houses you know you can never afford.
P.S. Don’t get carried away and try to actually own the place.
P.S.S. You did not get this idea from Expose’ Magazine.

16. Download a karaoke app and be rock stars just for one night. A great way to loosen up and have some fun.

17. Learn a new language together. Once y’all become pros, you can gossip with that language when around people. Let’s not deny that couples are the biggest gossips.

18. Stargaze 😊

19. Cook – Instead of going out to eat, gather your favourite meal ingredients and make a meal together.

20. Picnic – Find a nice scenic venue and plan a picnic. Prepare some sandwiches + a salad and go to a park or wherever.

21. Coffee date- Pick a cute restaurant or coffee shop and catch up while enjoying the chill music and coffee.

22. Explore a neighborhood you both don’t know.

23. Check out a local art gallery.

24. Play a sport together.

24. Play pool together. Get competitive and play each other or together against friends.

26. If it’s summer, get some ice cream and go for a walk.

27. Watch the sunrise or sunset. It’s romantic. Plus it’s free 😀

28. Photography – spend the day walking around and taking pictures of places and of each other. See who comes up with the best shots.

29. Buy two lottery tickets and dream up a bucket list of things you’ll do when you win.

30. Play pretend – pretend you don’t know each other, dress up and meet at a bar or event.

31. Visit a game park.

32. Eat take outs by candlelight.

33. Listen to a new podcast together. (Try Sadza in the A.M. It’s hilarious) Thank us later!

34. Go for a run together. i.e. race each other.

35. Head out to happy hour for half priced drinks.


If you do decide to try any of these, please let us know how it goes. Just comment below.

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