Kintsugi – The Art of Repairing With Gold

Art has always been my passion from a very tender age. The more knowledge I acquired, the more expressive I managed to get and this has been the most challenging thing for me. Bringing those emotions to life to show the world what I see using live subject has been an exhilarating challenge. I am learning and watching it unfold and quite excited to see the final product.

After the passing of my dad, watching my mom and my sisters change and evolve into new roles was a wide eye opener for me. Without being overly emotional or breaking a project in progress wide open. I have had the privilege to see;-
• The grace is silence,
• The beauty in sadness,
• Happiness as a mask,
• What putting up a brave face actually means,
• And the power of women standing together.

Their changing roles have influenced my project of the year which essentially focuses on women. I am doing a series of portraits based on selected themes. The main theme of the project is Kintsugi or Kintsukuroi which is the Japanese art of using gold to repair broken things (ornaments, clay pots etc). The use of gold represents giving them new life and new value, making them better after going through something tragic. The portraits focus on exploring expression and identity against social and moral views of society. This will only truly come to life in the last stages of this project.

We are not really doing enough to protect the women around us. We are also not helping make their lives easier. It is important to start changing the narrative. It is important to be part of the change as a man, whether you are trash or not. Women must be protected!

Tapiwa Michael Mbaya – Professional Photographer
IG: @michael_mbaya

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