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Carol Nyazika, founder of Ndanaka is a game changer in the face of beauty industry in Zimbabwe and Africa at large. Her products and services celebrate the essence of unique and naturalness. Her company formulates and produces high quality natural skin and hair care. Despite her busy schedule, Exposé Magazine managed to catch up with her and this is what she had to say:

1. Can you tell us a bit about Ndanaka. What is it all about?
Ndanaka is a lifestyle brand that currently consists of skincare, haircare and body care products. It is ‘A Fusion of Beauty’ because we marry skincare and haircare ingredients from around Africa. Ndanaka is a term/word from the Native language of Zimbabwe, Shona. It means ‘I am beautiful’ or ‘I’m good now’ in slang. I gave the brand a Shona name to remain authentic to who I am and where the brand is from.

2. How did you first become interested in hair and beauty products?
I became interested from a very young age, unknowingly. I would apply my mother’s make up and she would tell me off! I would cry to have my face painted at fun fairs but was never allowed, my mother would say it would ruin my skin. My mother also taught me not to use a face towel to wash my face because it was too rough. She instilled many beauty secrets from the beginning but I didn’t realise that that information was not common knowledge til much later when I was older.

I’ve always had healthy long hair. However, when I cut my hair to go natural, it was a completely different ball game. It became a learning process all over again. Because of that learning process, the interest grew. I needed to know more.


3. What was your first DIY? How did it go?
My first DIY was probably a hair butter and it went so wrong! I had to throw away so many batches because it wasn’t right. I didn’t know what I was doing!

4. Have Ndanaka products worked for you or you genetically have good skin?
They have. I’ve been using my products for years. I have extremely dry skin and nothing would work except for one brand and it wasn’t easily accessible in the UK. When you did find it, it was overpriced. I sometimes have hormonal acne which I never used to have and blemishes last longer than before. I am consistently evolving and learning more about myself and my skin’s needs, so the products have helped tremendously.

5. What’s your career background? Did you attend beauty school?
I studied social work at University. Once I realised that I was into beauty, I went ahead and qualified as a formulator in the UK.

6. Which one is your favourite product among the whole Ndanaka range?
The body butter is probably my favourite because of my skin issues.

7. What’s a skincare or hair care secret you wish more people knew about?
Consistency and patience. That’s all you need, there are no quick fixes for years of damage.

8. What has been your proudest Ndanaka moment to date?
Launching! And every time we receive feedback is always a proud moment.

9. What kind of stories do you love hearing from your customers?
I love to hear how well the products have helped improve our customers’ skin. As a woman, you lose confidence when you don’t feel your best so hearing how the products have helped, makes me really happy and motivates me to continue to create more products.

10. What are some of the hurdles an aspiring business owner might not be aware of?
Zimbabwe is a very challenging environment for business. It isn’t the easiest place to grow a business. What you face in Zimbabwe and the hurdles you have to jump are not the same with someone growing a brand or business in South Africa or Kenya. You consistently have to evolve and adapt. You have to learn to be resilient and not let the economy slow you down. The most important thing to me is knowing to be patient. The energy you have when you had the idea and what happens when you start will be depleted, but it shouldn’t deter you from your vision. Learn to adapt your plan to meet the current situation but stick to reaching your goal.

11. Where would you like to see Ndanaka in five years?
Ndanaka will be a household name in different countries.

12. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
We have new products and exciting announcements coming soon. Follow our social media for all updates.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/officialndanaka
Instagram – @ndanaka
YouTube – carolnyazika

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