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April 2017 was the month and year of conception for what was to be the brainchild of Natasha Mawera and Chiedza Mashonganyika. This child was to be named Embrace It Movement. On May the 28th, the Embrace It Movement was born and introduced to the world in the form of instagram posts, a blog (https://embraceitmovement.wordpress.com) and talks at a few high schools in Harare.

So what is the Embrace It Movement?

The Embrace It Movement is a two-month annual self-love and awareness campaign, focusing on encouraging unity and acceptance by discussing and challenging societal views on under discussed/overlooked issues affecting society. This year the topics were: Autism, Albinism, Diversity, Bodies, Mental Health, Melanin and Talent.

To mark the end of the campaign, the Embrace It Movement hosted an artistic showcase on the 30th of July at Sanctuary Café in the National Arts Gallery of Zimbabwe, in Harare. The showcase was a fundraising event to support Pathways Autism Trust with the theme “Change what you can, embrace what you can’t”.

Art is a universal language that speaks directly to the soul of anyone who dares to open their heart to it. It translates and evokes emotion that sometimes cannot be brought to light by logical thinking or psychological and social evaluations.

Three fashion designers: Fungai Muzoroza, Kevin Hankin and Star Gono (Tine Yese Brand) presented their collections with the Embrace It Team modelling in their breathtaking garments. This was accompanied by soulful musical performances by Emmanuel Magumise, an upcoming RnB singer and Matt Austen Greenwood, a guitarist who is not held down by genres. To tie the whole show together, Lennox Makurumidze and Ashley Madzima brought their spoken word pieces to the stage, which expressed the empowerment and strength that comes in loving ourselves.

At the end of the event, the audience got the opportunity to feast their eyes on an art exhibition by Gaddiel Maps and dig into the best burgers in town from Burger Boys with great spirits and open minds.

“What started off as an idea, has completely transformed into something that people believe was needed in our society. It is about time we as Zimbabweans and human beings as a whole, open our eyes to what will truly help us grow and become united. This is our way of standing up and speaking out about where we think the conversion should be shifted to. Age does not restrict your ability to take action and every day, we will embrace that fact”

Natasha Mawera and Chiedza Mashonganyika

This is only the beginning for the Embrace It Movement. Only time will tell what it will grow into as we wait for the magic that will be brought to the world in the 2018 campaign.


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