Maggie & Gonyeti – Double Dose of Comic Relief

Achieving success in comedy has always been tough for everyone and opportunities have increased, that have created paths to major stardom for Sharon aka Maggie and Samantha aka Gonyeti. They have risen above under the media house Bustop TV managed by Luckie Aaroni. These two have either made you laugh or provoked, you but nevertheless it’s laughter that we all seek. They are definitely our People’s Choice. Exposé Magazine caught up with the funny ladies to find out the how they have managed to capture the masses with their laughter.

“I never knew that comedy was meant for me”
In her upbringing Sharon never thought she was would venture into comedy. She studied film and theatre and has featured in one of ZBC drama series called ‘Shadows’. When she started at Bustop TV, Sharon thought that they would be using scripts but to her surprise they didn’t have to use any.

‘I have to come up with my own material and think of ways of being funny while working on shows and the skits. The biggest question I always ask myself is: How can I deliver my message to the people in a way that will make them laugh and that will stick forever?’ To achieve this one has to know the current affairs and be able to think on their feet.

Asked On their politically satire skits, she mentions not down playing the economic situation, however also putting it across to government to address issues or challenges. ‘We try not to be direct, but come up with ways that will make the audience know what we are talking about in a funny way.’

In reality nothing lasts forever, she wants to grow with Bustop TV. We might not continue to see her on screen, but maybe behind the scenes. Through it all her words of wisdom: ‘It is your dream, never doubt yourself and strive to be a better person than yesterday.’

“Be humble, be principled, be focused and you will go further” -Samantha
She shares the same sentiments with her co- actress that she never thought of comedy but acting, as she follows her mother’s footsteps. She started acting in 2008 and joined the Bustop TV in 2015. In preparation of their skits, she says the duo has to rehearse and think of ways of perfecting their skills and come up with pieces that they feel will make people funny.

On stand-up comedy, Samantha says it’s not easy and that it is painful. She sometimes cries or gets sick before a performance. Making people laugh IS HARD and if people don’t laugh, it creates an awkward moment. ‘Once you panic it destroys the whole mood. Think fast, work with the audience and always leave the stage while people are still laughing.’


She shared her experience at the Anne Kansiime show where she had stage fright but was relieved when she saw people laughing.

Samantha says a good collaboration team makes everything easy. ‘We have to listen and understand each other. We need each other regardless of our different perspectives. Know when you are wrong and know when to take advice. We don’t get along everyday but at the end of the day, we have to get over it.’

Through it all, her goal is simple: Samantha’s plan is to strike gold. She wants to keep inspiring and informing people about real life stories affecting them in a humorous way. She is grateful for the Bustop TV opportunities that came her way as she never thought she could travel far as she has toured, Cape Town and the United Kingdom.

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