Music Piracy – A Disease That Needs A Cure

Piracy like cancer, has taken over Zimbabwe’s streets. There have been calls to fight piracy but nothing has been strong enough to eradicate this disease.

Remember growing up, every household would have the latest album from both  local and international artists. Now that the festive season is looming and many artists are finalising the release of albums, many musicians would be competing for sale of their new records. This is no longer the case as there has been a decline of sales of original CD’s due to piracy which has ravaged the music industry. The main reason being the economic meltdown which has taken its toll and technology which has made it easier for people to pirate by the use of Bluetooth enabled devices to name a few.

Many artists have found their music in the street market without their knowledge. Due to such, it has led to huge losses in terms of their work, time, determination and effort.  Musicians need to be rewarded for their work. There are so many reasons why one should pay for music. We all love free stuff, but let’s advocate for a culture in which people reward the efforts of others. It does not only benefit the musician, but you as the listener as well. It is important to respect the time and effort that went in to the creation and PAY for it. After all that is how artists make their living. They have families they are trying to fend for and paying for their music goes a long way.

Sweat, blood and tears goes into the creation and recording of a hit song. That song either makes you laugh, cry, dance and this was done out of passion and hard work. Let’s compensate everyone else involved in making that music by purchasing.

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