The Naked Truth – DJ Trill Angel Tells All

Amy Delree Nicola Peters has stayed true to her sound and vision by being a designer and a DJ. Her mixes range from big room bangers to soulful progressive house. Her signature has always been clear as she brings her personality with the mix which is why we think being a DJ is fun. Popularly known as the DJ Trill Angel, she has shown that DJ’ing is more than waving your hands in the air and looking busy, it’s an actual form of art. Check out her interview with Exposé magazine as we get to know who is Amy in the world of DJ’ing.

How did it all begin for you?
I’ve always loved the thought of DJ’ing. When I was a teenager, I used to listen to music and visualize myself DJ’ing and think in my head how I’d mix songs and all. I used to play on Virtual DJ and researched to learn how to DJ. When I moved back to Zimbabwe at 16 after living in Zambia for almost 3 years, I looked for the best DJ around and I found Raydizz. I asked him to teach me and at first it didn’t work out and we lost contact but we met again when I was about 19 and that’s when I started learning. It took me a year or two of just learning and practicing with Raydizz mentoring me and taking me along to his shows. I was always in the club, watching and learning and I slowly started playing with him (still with my training wheels on). It took me a while because even though I had gained the skills to play, I still lacked the confidence and it can be quite intimidating playing in front of a crowd of 200 or more. I finally gained the confidence and went for it because I told myself I’ve always wanted this so I shouldn’t be scared to just go for it.

Do you think that the “DJ’ing world” is a “men’s world”? In your opinion is it harder for girls to become famous DJs?
I do think the DJ industry is a men’s world, especially here in Zimbabwe. If you look at the biggest DJs worldwide, top 10 are all men. I feel like as a woman it’s both hard and easy to become a DJ. It’s harder if you’re a serious DJ because you have to work harder to prove yourself and to show you know what you’re doing, but if you’re doing it for fun or fame it can be easy because so many people think if you’re a female that’s already an attraction as there’s not many female DJ’s around.

What is it like dating someone in the same industry as you?
Dating someone in the same industry has its ups and downs. Apart from DJ’ing, Raydizz also has his own clothing brand, 729 Apparel, so we definitely are one and the same. It helps a lot but we do clash at times, I wouldn’t say we compete with each other but we do have that friendly competition at times. Above it all we always support each other and push one another. Ray has been in the game way longer than me so I’ll probably always be under his wing. He has helped me so much, and we always learning and giving each other constructive criticism to become better. So, it definitely helps having him by my side. We are both just creative, artistic people but we do have different ways of doing things which clash at times, but I really think we make a good team.

What’s the one thing that bugs you about the DJ scene in Zimbabwe?
The one thing that really bugs me about the DJ scene is the lack of respect. I’m talking about promoters and event coordinators. I feel like they’ll put you on the line up for an event but then they don’t treat you as an artist and give you that respect and attention as artists get. I feel in Zimbabwe especially, people are only starting to realize that DJ’s should be taken seriously. Also, from a business perspective, people still don’t see that being a DJ is a serious thing, so a lot of people think if you’re a DJ you don’t have a job you have a hobby. So, I think Zimbabwe needs to change that perspective. But then again, I think as Zimbabweans we need to support our own artists or DJ’s.

What kind of a DJ are you? Club DJ? Radio DJ?
I’m mainly a club DJ. I do also play on radio, I’ve had my mixes play on Star FM every week, and I’ve played on ZiFM’s Club Zi and for their 5 in 5 mix. But I would mainly say I’m into clubs and festivals, I love playing at festivals!

Describe a typical night DJ’ing.
Typical night builds up around 11/12 so until then it’s warm up then we get into it. We control the crowd, get the party started, try keep it running till as late as possible and give people a good night with memories.

What are some of the hardships being a female DJ in the music industry?
As I said, being a serious female DJ I feel like you need to prove yourself more, I feel like I’m always being watched and constantly scrutinized. Some people still come to me and ask if I’m playing the music because they can’t believe a female is DJ’ing like that, and I feel like guys don’t get questioned or doubted like that. So that’s definitely one of the hardest things to deal with.

How long have you been DJ’ing for? Is it your full time career?
I’ve been seriously DJ’ing now for about a year and a half. I’m also a fashion designer and a makeup artist, so it’s not my full time job but I consider all important as they all work together and feed off each other. As a DJ and being seen in public you need to have the look, so your appearance is important. People always ask me where I get my clothes from so it’s a good way to market my brand, and being a makeup artist also helps so much because I always do my own makeup and I need to always be looking presentable.
Even though my DJ’ing career is the most recent one I’ve seriously taken to, I feel like DJ’ing and designing are my main focus.

Can you tell us a bit about your clothing line, ADNP
So just like DJ’ing I used to always love fashion (fashion and music are my passions). I used to always be designing and drawing. Finally after so many years I officially launched my clothing line in 2015. My brand is called House f ADNP. I mainly consider it a lifestyle brand rather than only fashion, because I love all aspects of design and later on I’d like to go in to designing shoes, jewellery and interior/exterior decor.
I’d say my brand is mainly focused on being outgoing and unique as you can see from my designs. I’ve held many shows and showcased at Zim Fashion Week as well. At the moment though, I’ve taken a bit of a break just to clear my mind and focus on DJ’ing, but once I re-strategize and figure out which way I’m taking my brand I’m definitely coming back with a bang.

Do you have any upcoming projects you would like your fans to know about?
At the moment I’ve just sealed a deal with Raydizz and we will be resident at Pabloz every Saturday so for now that’s where I mainly play at, but we do guest and have gigs everywhere.

Photography: OC Media Studios
Wardrobe: House of ADNP

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