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Eve, the owner of Fitness with Eve studio has maintained an active studio reaching role and regularly attends training courses to stay abreast with new information. She is passionate about fitness and enjoys participating in a wide range of activities. We believe Eve is a great role model and motivator who has the ability to inspire others in living a healthy and active lifestyle. Check out her interview with Exposé magazine as she brings her own specialties in the world of Fitness.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Evonne Mudzingwa, professionally known as Eve, is a LesMills Group Fitness Coach trained and certified in the Asia Pacific. An avid ultra-marathon runner with Two Oceans 56km and Comrades 90km medals, several marathons and other distances. A 43 year old Cancerian mother of two gorgeous daughters 21 and 17 years, born and bred in a quaint little town called Hartley now Chegutu. She is an outdoors extrovert who is motivated by the fear of being ordinary and is sports mad.

What is your personal training background, and how did you get involved in it?
As a fitness fanatic I realised that there was a lack of seriousness regarding aerobic classes at the gyms that I was attending. I loved my aerobic sessions, as did many other women. Unfortunately, many a times we would get to the classes and they would have been cancelled. Most of the women like me were frustrated as this was the only workout that they did at the gym. I then decided to train as a Fitness Coach and just target women who just wanted aerobic classes. In 2008, at 32 years, I changed careers and went to Malaysia and Singapore to do my LesMills training. Why Asia? Because I wanted to train in something totally different to the aerobics classes being offered in Zimbabwe. I have always shied away from anything that’s ordinary. That was the beginning of my Journey as Lesmills Group Fitness Coach. I later trained as a Zumba Instructor and Personal Instructor in order to offer variety at my studio. I am more of a Group Fitness Coach than a personal Trainer, I love and enjoy group fitness. A couple of months after returning from my Fitness Training, I located a hall at a sports club and started taking aerobic classes there, I have since moved and build at this sports club my own little fitness studio.

Eve’s Fitness Brand is comprised of Eve’s Fitness Studios, Eve’s Fitness Battles, Eve’s Obstacle Race series and Vainona Running Club. Eve’s Fitness Battles were founded in 2014. A fitness event that has teams of 12 people competing in various training disciplines for the coverted shield. These battles are run three times a year and have fielded up to thirty teams from all over Zimbabwe. Vainona Running Club, the only indigenous and newest running club in Harare was founded in 2015 and has hosted some of the most innovative and popular runs in Harare, including Mazoe Hotel Run and Domboshava Rocks Run. This year in August, Eve’s Brand introduced for the first time ever in Zimbabwe the Obstacle Race Series where nine teams participated and it was an instant hit and these will be run four times every year.

The fitness industry is male dominated, especially in Zimbabwe. What challenges do you face as a woman in that industry?
This trend has since changed but yes when I started it was mainly male dominated and mostly by Caucasians. The biggest challenges I faced as a woman of colour in this industry was mainly the skeptcism from my fellow females. My fellow sisters just didn’t have faith in me. So there was very minimal support from that side and the Caucasians generally just don’t support any business of colour. I had to work triple fold before people started to take note and appreciate that I indeed knew what I was doing. Another challenge as a female Fitness Coach is that most men don’t want to be trained by a female coach.

What do you love most about personal training?
What I love generally about training people, personally or in a group situation is knowing that I am making a difference in someone’s life, a positive difference. I have seen people become more confident, healthier and happier due to embracing exercises. I love the joy that the transformation brings to my clients. Friendships have also been made in this journey, I get to meet the most amazing people.

What are your future plans and goals?
As it is I have already achieved way more than I ever hoped I would or set out to do. Everything that I have become was never planned, life just happened and everything progressed naturally. I believe this is how my life and this journey will continue. I’m like a train that’s moving, I’m gathering speed with every hour. Eventually, I would like to be a master trainer, training trainers as I get older and slow down. I plan on growing my Fitness Battles and Obstacle Race series and I’m sure so much more that will pop up as life goes on.

How often do you change your training routine and do you periodise your training?
As a Lesmills Group Fitness Coach, we are provided with new material every three months but I generally introduce new routines every six months because most people take long to get the hang of the routines and to really start enjoying them and getting the most out of the workout. At my studio I rotate the classes monthly to keep the clients motivated and the muscles guessing. We have various programmes that we run periodically.

What are some of the biggest training mistakes you think people out there are making?
Training seasonally and only to achieve a particular perceived goal. Training should be a lifestyle if anyone is to get the desired results. A lot of people are not consistent and as a result they never achieve their goals. They also expect quick results and when these don’t show as quickly as anticipated, they get demotivated and stop training.

What are your favourite activities and hobbies that you enjoy when you are away from the gym?
I love watching sports, any sport on TV or live. I love travelling and taking road trips with my personal people. And what I love most is spending time with my biking family, riding my motorcycle anywhere and everywhere. Outdoors, good food, good company, some alcoholic beverages and I’m good.;)

What motivates you?
The fear of being ordinary

How do you pick the training programs you implement at your studio? Which one is your personal favourite?
Our class schedule is a combination of aerobic and aerobic exercises that ensure that our clients get a balanced weekly workout. I also pick classes based on popularity. The cardio classes and strength training classes complement each other for best weight loss results, maintenance or just toning. We also offer low impact classes like yoga and pilates to stretch and lengthen the muscles. My favourite classes are the Body Pump Class and the Body Step Class. Body pump because it is very challenging, requires a lot of discipline and produces amazing muscle tone and body step because it is such an energizing class that just releases awesome endorphins and buckets of sweat.

What should people who don’t have access to gym facilities do to keep their body in shape/ healthy.
Put on their trainers and run, walk, crawl anything to get their heart rates up. There are plenty of workouts on the internet that they can do at home. Swim, cycle and use the stairs at work, walk to the shops instead of jumping in their cars.

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