Are You Really Ok? Free Yourself From Depression

So many questions run through your mind after someone asks “how are you?”. The world taught us to say “fine, thanks” but deep inside you are sad, suffocating ,cold and empty. Your soul is injured and they will never know how broken you really are. The feeling is intense sadness, helplessness, worthlessness and hopelessness and it can lasts for many weeks or years. It is called depression. Depression suppresses your mind and makes
you feel like you cannot face tomorrow. It is an affliction that often starts young and goes unheeded. The feeling is frustrating, lonely and mostly exhausting. It can change the way your daily life plays out. It is like trying to run with a broken ankle or knee.

When one is depressed, their thoughts control them leading to eating disorder, drug addiction, cutting themselves, mood swings and hallucinations. You are constantly searching for something to fill that empty hole. There are some people who put on fake happiness or a “depression smile”. They pretend as if everything is ok yet it’s a battlefield in their mind. Depressed people often feel like the only way out of their battle is suicide. Dying does not take away your pain and suffering. Instead it passes that pain and suffering on to everyone else you have touched in your life.

Thank God there are so many people who can help you fight this evil enemy (depression and suicidal thoughts). Nobody can help or try you if you remain silent and isolate yourself or try to take this evil enemy by yourself. Road to recovery is not a one day event, it is a journey. You have to let go all your past mistakes and pain. Be comfortable in admitting that you are imperfect in some areas of your life. Start listening to yourself and have positive inner conversations with yourself. Self defeating and negative thoughts will hold you back and make it more difficult for you to achieve your goals. Ask for mental help or talk to your family and friends, get the professional help you need. Give yourself a reason to wake up the next morning, schedule weekly or monthly activities. Surround yourself with positive people; it makes you feel like youare part of this world. Volunteer somewhere; it gives you a sense of purpose. Be patient with
yourself, you are planting a good seed inside that will bloom one day. Are you Ok?

Anyone who talks or thinks of harming themselves should be taken serious. Do not hesitate to
contact a local health professional for assistance.

Harare Christian Counseling Centre
8 Coltman Road Mount Pleasant Harare
0773 547 544

Psychotherapy, Counseling and Rehabilitation Services
7 Baines avenue Westend
04 708 327

Kathy Harter Counseling and Care Management
18 East Road Belgravia Harare
0774 186 812

By Sandy Ndoro

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