Look Fancy At Your Next High Tea Event

Whether it’s a birthday, bridal shower, or just because – a High Tea is always a lovely way to celebrate a special event with the girlfriends. And what a perfect occasion to dress up too! Because a High Tea is held in the day, it’s not really a cocktail event (even if there is champagne!) so it requires a different type of dress code to a normal party or gathering.

Pretty Florals
Where else but to a High Tea would you wear a gorgeous floral frock? Add a nude heel and a pastel handbag to complete the look, or go for something different and add a pop of COLOUR with your shoe choice – either way, you are going to look divine. Dresses are always a wonderful choice for high tea as these styles are comfortable and fashionable. When choosing the right dress, look for a floral pattern that is flattering and eye-catching.

Prim pencil skirts are ideal to wear to this traditional affair. Pair them with a classic knit or blouse; any outfit that exudes elegance fits the bill.

High Tea is not only reserved for dresses and skirts. Beautiful pants suits are also entirely appropriate. But make sure that the color and fabric of the pant matches the season. Lighter coloured fabrics work best in spring and summer, and heavier dark coloured fabrics work best in winter.

Shoes are an important part of your outfit because they make a statement about who you are and your personality. For high tea, skip the sneakers and instead opt for classic ballet flats. If you love heels, forgo stilettos and go with a stacked style, instead. Pretty sandals work quite well and flatter a wide variety of outfits.

Relax and Have Fun
Indeed, having a high tea is a special occasion and one that you won’t soon forget, so choose an outfit that doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles; this is not the time to be tugging at your skirt or pulling up a loose tank top. Wear clothes that fit your body well and that flatter your shape. Above all, choose an outfit that is ladylike, but one that suits your personality.

Now, let’s take a look at how to avoid a High Tea fashion faux pas. We recommend steering away from anything too casual or revealing. Yes, miniskirts and jeans should be left in the cupboard girls.

Before we sign-off, a note to the gents. If you’re accompanying your lass to High Tea, make sure you wear a jacket. Since the girls have made the effort to dress up, I see it only fitting that you do too.

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