Travelling? Here Is How To Pack Light

My husband and I LOVE travelling, whether it’s to the next town or to another country, we do not hesitate to put our stuff together, jump on to the bus and go. We have noticed that travelling lightens the burden of our day to day stresses. After a return from a trip, our minds are open and renewed and tackling difficult tasks becomes much easier. However, at one point I was guilty of packing the whole house with me on a trip (raise your hand if you are guilty of this too). I could never pack enough. My husband would joke that if I could, I would carry with me our kitchen sink, fridge, bed and bathroom tub. Lol duh? I only realized that some of the things that I carried were not necessary after one of my “heavy bags” injured my husband’s foot (poor soul). Since I couldn’t carry the heavy load, he had to chip in as the masculine male that he is (wink wink) and help his woman. But the bag had a mind of its own and it went straight for his leg (sorry daddy). So if you are one person who can’t just seem to let go of most household things for a couple of days then the following tips are for you.

Make a list.
It’s important to make a list of the things that you will need on the trip. Not just important but the crucial things that you cannot improvise on. No matter what type or length of trip you’re taking, list-making has another benefit. As you tally what you absolutely need, you’ll realize what you don’t need. Making a list also benefits because you can check off the items that you’ve packed and make sure you don’t leave anything behind. Making a list also helps you prepare to pack. For example, if you have to pack 4 t-shirts but 2 are in the laundry then, you know that you need to wash them for packing. It allows you track to see where and how much you’ve packed.

Check the weather forecast.
Think about the place your visiting and accordingly you’ll pack those kind of clothes. Is it hot? Take shorts. Rainy? Don’t forget the raincoat or umbrella. A weekly forecast allows you to prepare for the days in advance and see weather patterns in the place you’re visiting. Keeping the weather in mind avoids packing unnecessary clothing, reducing weight, clutter and hurting our travelling partners with suitcases full of stuff.

What kind of trip are planning to take? Business? Hiking? Canoeing? etc. Think about the activities you’re going to do. If you going to an ancient ruin of Masvingo, you may be walking a lot, so you will need comfortable clothes. Canoeing in Victoria Falls or other water related activities? Swimsuit, definitely. Try to plan or research about the place and then pack, because you’ll be prepared with what to expect.

Recycle outfits.
What I mean here is not only washing but reusing the same item with different pieces of clothing. Take jeans as an example. You can definitely wear 3 different t-shirts with one pair of jeans right? Instead of taking 3 t-shirts and 3 different pants to wear with them, just take one pair of pants that matches with all three! This not only reduces weight, but also gives you options to vary with the weather.

Use the number of days of travel as a guide to pack.
My partner and I always check the number of weeks we will be traveling. Then, accordingly, we will decide which outfits to wear on what day and which ones we’ll reuse, re-wear or wash, dependent on the weather and situation. That way, when we arrive we won’t need to worry about what to wear, because we decided in advance. This organizes our packing and plans ahead of time, so that neither do we have to worry, nor do we pack too much.

Lastly if your luggage is still heavy, try to remove the heaviest items. Can’t decide which one? Think about how many times or how much you’re actually going to use it. What the probabilities are of you needing it? Is it a necessity or a want? Can it be substituted for something lighter? By thinking about these questions, you’ll eventually decide which item to take.

I think that’s enough to help you cut down on travelling weight. It will be more ideal if you can carry just one bag between you and your travel partner. Remember, light luggage means less work and more fun. Enjoy!!

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