12 Things You Didn’t Know About Producer, Young Nashy Lee

Young Nash’s passion for music developed at a very early age and he has always wanted to be famous in everything he does. He works with Zimbabwe’s first Grammy winning production company, Anashe Media Group, a team that is really invested in developing Zim music and connecting producers and artists across Africa and the world. Young Nash has worked with so many amazing artists including Simba Tags and Mr Kamera and produced great hits like MMT’s Zvidhori. Here is 12 things that you probably didn’t know about him:

1. His real name is Tapiwa Nyagwaya.
2. He is a 90’s baby and he started making music at the age of 9.
3. He got his stage name “Young Nashy Lee” from one of the older guys in his crew back in 2011.
4. When he is making music, he always starts with the melody and then he builds the beat around it. Words come last.
5. He admits that music production is hard and it is the reason why he has respect his older brothers like Simba Tagz, Tatenda Kamera, Yagi Dojo and Brian Soko who he has learned a lot from.
6. He does charity work at an orphanage in Glen Norah near his grandmother’s house. He hopes to give some of the kids there music lessons soon.
7. He produced his first ever track in 30 minutes and it was for Xndr.
8. He is surrounded by friends who all have big dreams and goals and they keep him going, even when he wanted to quit music at some point.
9. He is motivated by success and aims to be a successful music producer, representing Zimbabwe in Africa.
10. It takes him about three days to finish a beat, and about a day to write a song.
11. When he is not making music, he is either watching movies or doing some video editing, a skill he was tasked to learn by his management.
12. His top 3 collaborations so far are with Simba Tagz, Jazz Prosper and Robert Zambia for his smash record ‘One In A Million’ which was co-written by Jazz Prosper (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9IYLyknf5Q).

We asked Young Nash if he has any word of advice for upcoming producers and creatives and this is what he had to say: “I know music is not easy but I encourage all young upcoming talent to stay pushing, always be networking, learning and collaborating with other artists/producers. I launched my own label for producers called Young Nash Music so yeah if you want to work or link up, hit me on youngnashmusic@gmail.com lets work!”

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