Emerge – Giving Life To Young Students

Giving back to the community provides a sense of meaning in life. It is the very essence of humanism. Empathy and patience are needed if you are to extend a helping hand. This month we feature Emerge, a young organisation that has set out to make a change.

Emerge is a community-based organisation founded in 2016 with the intention of providing free tutoring services to Children’s Homes across Zimbabwe. The inspiration to form the organisation arose from the desire of the founders to actively contribute to their respective communities and the Zimbabwean society at large.
The team offers free tutoring services to age groups between the ages of six and eighteen. Their aim is to provide a service that ensures that children have the necessary resources, assistance and supervision to improve their chances of academic success.

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As a growing non-profit organisation, the team has a great vision for Emerge which is ‘to create a community where children in institutions have the necessary resources to achieve academic excellence’. This is some of what the team leaders have to say about their organisation:

‘Emerge is important to me because it gives us a chance to not just to give to the community but help shape the future of Zimbabwe’s youth. The tutoring carried out by Emerge not only builds on the education provided in the classroom but it also provides the children with role models.’ Tafadzwa Jani

“I’m constantly looking for spaces and opportunities that allow me to pursue my passion. Emerge is one of those spaces, it’s a great initiative by a great group of people – I must emphasise that it’s just one of many operating in Zimbabwe and it has been truly inspiring to see my generation working to make a positive contribution’ Runyararo Nyandoro

“Education is one of the most important foundations a child can have. Previous tutoring experience helped me realize how student performance can be improved by additional learning opportunities. However, because of limited resources, some children depend solely on classroom education and there is little opportunity for additional learning. This can result in some children not fulfilling their full academic potential. This is what makes Emerge such a great initiative.’ Sandra Tapiwa

To achieve such a mammoth task and be part of an amazing team, the team needs donations and volunteers to drive the mission of the organisation. If you’re interested, please contact them on their social media platforms: @EmergeZW on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

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