Changing the Face Of Men’s Health

So much time and effort is invested into the wellbeing of our businesses at the expense of our wellbeing. We often forget the doctors’ visits to do our regular check-ups because less time has been invested in it. November is here and this month we have the ‘NO Shave November’ paying particular attention to men’s health issues. Our goal is to have men take preventive care and encourage early detection and treatment of diseases. Grow your beard whilst raising awareness, it’s No Shave November after all. As Exposé Magazine, we profile three young men – Keith, Kumbi and Eddie and we asked them to share their knowledge and practises on men’s health issues. This is what they had to say.

Kumbirai Rukarwa is into well drilling by profession.
‘I know the usual basic stuff about men’s health, grooming, taking care of your body. I am 100 % in support of male circumcision though I am still yet to do it. I am, scared of the pain but it’s something that I will eventually do. In terms of regular check-ups, I rarely do it. The moment I think about regular check-up, I just think its money coming out of my pocket …lol’

Edvaldo e Silva Mateus is an IT technician, health fitness model and a professional body builder.
‘In our world today we no longer have a supervised or guided institution for everyone so what happens is that because we indulge into so many things e.g. smoking, drinking, if you don’t take care of yourself it causes a lot of health problems. It is vital to have a good nutrition, good exercise and a balanced diet amongst other things.
Circumcision should be done and it reduces probabilities of getting infections. The moment one gets circumcised, he has to pay a lot of attention to his genitals, that is having to take good care of them. This helps in the development of the sexual system of a man.
Every two months I have full consultations of regular check-ups as I am into fitness, I need to be checked often.’

Keith Magorimbo is a lawyer.
‘I would say quite well that in this day and age of highly accessible information courtesy of technology it’s hard to miss men’s health related issues.
I would encourage anyone with the opportunity to do so to get right on it. I cannot reemphasise any further. The most important aspect of circumcision is the hygiene part of it. Not that I make light of other related benefits. It’s the cleanest thing to do. Remember cleanliness is next to Godliness.
I go for regular check-up twice every year.’

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