Let’s all be outraged! #MenAreTrash

Ah November! Or Movember or NoShave November as it is commonly referred to, a time when men grow their beards out to raise awareness on men’s health issues. It is also that time of the year when we attempt to celebrate the men in our lives, in their jar opening, light bulb changing, back zip opening and tyre changing acts of heroism! A time to appreciate the few good men left, if at all. But in true male fashion, Harvey Weinstein happened, in all his vile perversion. Eclipsing all our celebrations and reminding us why we spent the entire year tweeting #MenAreTrash!!!

It was mentioned to me – by a friend – that offering my two cents on the matter would indeed subject me to harsh scrutiny of my personality and put into question my marital status or lack thereof. Because what am I if not defined by a man, how dare I speak up, she is an angry bitter woman! Being a woman in 2017 means that we cannot allow ourselves to be consumed by our own trepidation, call it feminism, say that she is on her period; we cannot continue to be complicit, women’s issues are human issues!

We know why men are trash… a million women’s voices echo, trampled by male privilege and entitlement. “Tobva tadii paya, he will cheat on you more than ten times but cheat on him once and the world must end”. He bludgeoned her to death because she came home with new shoes. So many have died for much less, victims of sexual harassment, sexism and misogyny, in the workplace, on the street, at home, on the internet- said every woman everyday! Streets lined with twelve year old sex workers and men in large cars stumbling over themselves. Date a girl for more than ten years, break up with her and get engaged three months later.

Women across the globe espoused to this movement by detailing their own experiences. The recurring theme was one of constantly feeling unsafe. Whether it’s walking home late from work or passing through a male dominated area. It is hard being a woman in this patriarchal society and the hope is that one day this predicament will come to an end. Benjamin Franklin said, “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are”.

However let’s not forget that there are different types of trash and while I am inclined to differentiate, trash is trash! In true millennial fashion:
Me: #MenAreTrash
Men: First of all- not all of us!
Twitter says: #MeToo

To all the men that say ‘not all of us’ be the change you wish to see in your fellow brothers. One Twitter user said, “Most women if not all have been sexually harassed and most men if not all have sexually harassed”. Treat women with respect, love, and dignity; ask yourself, if she were a man, would you treat her in the same way? Would you want someone to rape you just because you happened to pass by or for your boss to grab your behind just because he can? Respect the women in your lives and those you meet in the streets, just as you would respect yourself! Happy Movember to the men that are as outraged as we are!

By Yvonne Mateko

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