We have reached again the tail-tip of another year, as we look back at the moments that could last a lifetime, both good and bad. We’re in “Movember”, the month of the gentleman…that’s right, we have highjacked the month of November!

Every year, every November men around the globe raise awareness on men’s health in a shared vision to reduce the number of casualties as well as open the minds of one another on what could possibly change the face of men’s health. I am proud to be driven by this initiative this month and would like to involve myself and others, on this 30 day self-crucifixion journey to help somebody.


Movember is an annual occurrence where men raise awareness on various men’s health issues through the growing of moustaches. Prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health problems and physical disabilities, affect men through-out the year and this has caused the rising of popular groups like the Movember Foundation. Its origin starts early in 1999 when a group of young men in South-Austria had the idea of growing moustaches for charity throughout the month of November. This idea was revisited in 2004 by a fresh group now known as the Movember Foundation, where 30 men would grow 30 moustaches to raise awareness for men’s health.


I find no reason why we can’t speak for those who cannot; it is our responsibility as care-givers. For the following 30 days, let your moustache and beard take a stand as it signals the presence of a good heart and the need to affect change. I hope one-day, to see the whole of Africa standing with me, as we tell the story of how we managed to reduce the rate at which men get affected by the above mentioned hard-ships.

By Nigel Mtetah (Fashion Blogger)
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