Simple Table Etiquette – What NOT to do!

Table manners matter. Whether you are meeting someone at a cafe, attending a sit-down dinner party at a friend’s home or dining at a fancy restaurant you still need to have table manners. It wouldn’t kill to just have good table manners. Here are things NEVER to do whilst dining with friends or family:

1. Chew or Speak With Your Mouth Open – Chew and Swallow unless you want your mother to tell you “Stop chewing like a cow”.
2. Pass Wind at the Table – Well good table manners show respect for the other people. Nothing much can be said on this one.
3. Check Your Cell phone – When you are dining with other people, focus on the people at the table with you. Especially if you are on a date. Yes, you can check your phone but do it in a way the other people won’t feel they are being ignored!
4. Lean Your Chair Back – Sit comfortably in a way that you will not fall from the chair and end up having an awkward moment.
5. Begin Eating Before the Host Starts – Before rushing to eat, make sure everyone has been served.
6. Blow Hot Food – No matter how hot your food is, never blow on it. Instead, wait for it to cool down. You wouldn’t want to burn your tongue!
7. Sit Randomly – Do not just sit but always wait for your host to guide you to your seat.

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