All Adrian Tate Wants For Christmas

Ho, Ho, ho. We are all about Christmas this month and we caught up with Adrian Tate to find out what his ideal Christmas would look like. But first, a short introduction on him.

Who is Adrian Tate?
He is a musician, an artist, music producer, song writer and instrumentalist. He has been doing music for quite some time, since he was three years old. Professionally in 2009, he released his first song titled “Ndimbovhaira naye” with MC Chita when he was 16. It is now his  10th year in the music industry. Adrian Tate sings more about love he gets his inspirations from people who tell him their stories. His past experiences play a huge role in the song writing.

The multi-talented artists is well known for being in the boy band Soul Afrika with Takura. Having taken a sabbatical from music after the Soul Afrika break, Adrian ventured into solo music in 2016. In March this year, he released his EP album which consists “Ekeskuzume”, “Ndozviripo” and “Yuhwi”. He is currently working with Tytan, who he produces for. Also, he has done a lot of producing for artists including Tehn Diamond and Bev City. Let’s get to know what this talented acoustic strummer has to say about Christmas and New Year.

Describe your perfect Christmas?
A bucket of dunged wings and alcohol and being with my family. Knowing that you are round people who don’t judge you is the best thing ever.

Do you do Christmas Carols?
I also do Christmas carols and people hire me to do Christmas carols. If they are people out there who want me to do it they can just hire me. I am so good at it. One thing i would love to do this Christmas is to randomly go in the street and play my guitar. There is this blind guy I always see with his guitar I would love to just sit next to him and play with him. I think I will do that.

Do you have any New Year resolutions?
I believe in setting goals for yourself and working for those goals. I do not believe in New Year’s resolutions.

What does 2018 look like to you?
Just being here and having Expose team interviewing me I see 2018 is going to be awesome. It is going to be fine. Plus i will be releasing my album soon. It will be better than fine actually.

Lastly Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to my family and my fans. For updates, connect with me on my social media accounts: @adrianetatemusic on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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