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The Exposé team caught up with the founder of Bucklyf apparel, Takudzwa Ziso. He is a young entrepreneur and currently studying Marketing Management in South Africa. He has a story to tell, he has a dream and from his work he is bound to go far. After all, it is our vision to share young people’s dreams with the rest of the world. This is his story:

“Hi I am Takudzwa Ziso and this is my story about my Bucklyf Brand. Bucklyf is a newly upcoming brand that was founded in August 2017. Initially it started as a saying of which the name itself came about when I was in Mpumalanga where I did my High school in BushBuckRidge and that’s where I derived the name Bucklyf. I wanted to name it BushbuckRidge but I thought it would not have fashion weight and Bucklyf would me be suitable and would accommodate everyone.

As time went on friends and people who know me made the brand more than a brand, it became an attitude and a life style which would attract the youths around it. Personally I love fashion and I always believed that I would be part of something that I can stick to and inspire. I want to be the next Kanye West with my clothing line, by this I mean to say I want to introduce my art of dressing that will move millions. I do not dream of holding a brand forever but I dream of owning a clothing company. It is only a matter of time I get to have a mentor who can actually give me advice on how to make it. Though it is good to be self-made we need someone who is on another level to give input on what you are doing. So what I have done is combine a group of students that help me push my clothing line in colleges and universities. Still we haven’t got enough capital to distribute the apparels to people that are interested. Above all I am grateful for the support I am getting.”

To all young entrepreneurs, if you have an idea start today! There is no better than now to get going.
Everything started as nothing!

Facebook: Bucklyf_official


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