What Our Faves Get Up To For Christmas

Wondering what your faves usually get up to for Christmas? Here are a few of our faves’ responses:

Because I am a luxury event designer, Christmas usually finds me setting up a lush event for a client then after work, I head home to rest over Christmas pudding and champagne” – Craig Zoowie

“Family is at the centre of my Christmases! Over the past few years, I’ve been blessed to spend Christmas with my partner and our children. It’s a time to reflect on how the year has been, as well as look at what we need to do from a family’s perspective into the new year. Food is a BIG part as well. Last year I learnt that you could spend Christmas in your pyjamas and pig out around the people that mean the most to you. It’s obviously evolving cultures and Christmas traditions, but it’s always a jolly season for the family!” – Misred

“Growing up for me Christmas time has always been family time where we get to visit relatives and long time family friends.It also has been about eating a lot of food without worrying about tomorrow .But most importantly for me it was the time we got to spend at church celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ as well as reflecting on ourselves as a person as it is almost just about the same time as getting into the new year which is a whole new season for someone to be a better person compared to the previous year so yeah basically for me Christmas time is a time to be merry and enjoy with your loved ones but putting God first” – Donna (Wenera)

“Christmas is the one special holiday when family and friends come together to celebrate the birth of Christ. Its therefore become tradition for me to travel to be with my mother, sister and nephew every December to share the experiences of the out going year and the expectation of the incoming one. It would be incomplete without food, drinks and my most cherished people next to me.” – Gugu (Wenera)

“Christmas is a very awesome and special time in my life. I have always been about setting new traditions. Ever since I married my wonderful wife, Nelsy, every Christmas is about inviting the people that we love over, cooking for them and spoiling them with great food, making sure they put on as much weight as humanely possible and share the pictures online so that people have FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) the whole day. So, it’s about the big birth. This year we are in Vic Falls so we have to do something a bit different. Thinking of doing something like a pig on a spit, you know like a big, big table outdoors where people can site and enjoy great food, great company and great comedy. By great comedy, I don’t just mean me performing comedy. I would love to have one of my comedian friends join us for Christmas to make it an extra special time because it’s an extra special time happening in Zimbabwe. We won’t mention why, but we got an early Christmas present I guess.” – Carl Joshua Ncube

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