Itai Mutinhiri & Family – This Christmas

She is one of Zimbabwe’s top media personalities, both on television and radio and is currently working as a news anchor at Star FM. She is a dynamic and an aspiring entrepreneur who looks to explore her potential purposefully, as well as make a mark in the new Zimbabwe. She is fashion humble and inspired to inspire by doing what she does best. Above all, she enjoys her mommy duties as a first timer to a 6 month old Malakai Ronewa as well as wifely duties to her husband Baba Ronewa.

With just less than three weeks left until Christmas, Exposé magazine caught up with this beautiful and bubbly family to tell us how their festive season preparations are going.

This year will be your first Christmas with baby Malakai Ronewa. How does it feel as a couple?
It feels absolutely amazing to have her. She is our Christmas gift and as first time parents, we are always in awe of God’s wonders. Knowing that we are the ones who made her is an out of body experience. We have to pinch ourselves at times to really believe that we have our own hearts outside our bodies. We love you baby.

Do you love Christmas and how do you celebrate it?
Itai: I love Christmas and I have always spent it the traditional way where we spend it with Mom at the farm. However, this is my first Christmas as a wife and a mother and I will be spending it with my family and husband’s family who are in South Africa. Last Christmas he joined my family so this time around I will be joining his.

What would you buy for him as a Christmas gift?
Itai:Recently he has started his beer craze. Mind you, he doesn’t drink alcohol. So a couple of months ago he came across a non-alcoholic beer called Bavaria and it feels like he is part of the drinkers. So I will probably get him that. He loves it.

What would you buy for her as a Christmas gift?
Baba Ronewa: Another child. In fact twins (chuckles).
Itai: God noooooo, I am not ready!

What would you perfect Christmas be like?
Baba Ronewa: It would be Sun City with my family.
Itai: Being with husband would be perfect and of course with Ronewa sleeping lol. Just having the Christmas atmosphere, the lights carols and food would be amazing.

Any New Year resolutions?
Baba Ronewa: I have deep resolutions that I will unleash in the year and some are surprises to my wife.
Itai: Now that Ronewa is grown, I want to concentrate on building my brand and venture into entrepreneurship. I will be working on my TV show that would be more of a Top Billing kind of show. Also, I have a very good Zimbabwean designer called Themba Mbochwa whom I will be working with in 2018.

Any Shoutouts?
Merry Christmas to our beautiful princess Ronewa and our families in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Photography: OC Media
Make Up: Taku Scotty
Venue: Small World Lodge, Avondale

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