How To Dress For An Office Christmas Party

I love a Christmas party. Well because, Christmas parties are about having fun winding down the year with a good laugh and food with office buddies. And a festive dress-up is the nicest kind: indulgent and cozy, rather than exposed or difficult or provocative. Anything that requires shape wear or a fussy strapless bra situation can wait till New Year’s Eve, thank you very much. The best Christmas party clothes don’t try and transform you into anyone you are not, but instead elevate you. The best-dressed person at a party is rarely the most dressed-up person. I am a believer in making an effort, but this doesn’t mean dolling yourself up to much.

It’s not always easy to decide on what to wear and how formal you’re supposed to be. Bring out your most impractical bag, or show-stopping heels. (Wear them with a long, loose, floaty dress for an easy evening update on the midi-skirt-and-blouse you’ve been wearing all year.) Leave to-do lists and the hand-sanitizer at home, and swing your smallest, silliest bag. Heck, wear a pair of cat ears, if the mood takes you. You know that Coco Chanel rule about looking in the mirror then taking one thing off? It doesn’t apply during advent. If anything, you need to add one crucial extra finishing touch to complete your party look.

Keep in mind that a certain kind of office dress code still remains. Firstly, never wear clothes that are too revealing. Secondly, do not wear deep cleavages, sheer blouses and dresses and skirts that are too short or too tight. And thirdly, do not choose attire that is too casual. Sneakers, animal prints and jeans are not appropriate for an elegant office Christmas party. Instead choose seasonal colors and dressy fabrics, which make you look more classy and appropriate for the event. Make sure that your hair looks tidy and go for a classic but natural makeup look. Here are some looks you can find inspiration from.

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