Wedding Traditions Across The World

Summer has long been defined as wedding season if you haven’t noticed, #summerwedding, has become a mainstay hashtags on Instagram posts at warm-weather nuptials. August and December have held the title of the most popular wedding months for a long time, due to typically gorgeous and reliable the weather and slightly more relaxed work and school schedules. In Zimbabwe we take a lot of our wedding traditions for granted. In Matabeleland house painting is passed down from generation to generation by the mothers. It is a painting of a home. A well-painted home indicates that the female of the household is a good wife and mother. The bride is responsible for the painting of the outside gates, front walls, sidewalls, and the interior of the home. During white weddings naturally the bride wears white, is presented with a diamond ring for proposal and tosses the bouquet to all the single ladies in attendance.
Many of the traditional things we do on our wedding day vary greatly from country to country. For instance, not every bride in the world will be dressed in white, (which symbolizes purity) on her wedding day, as some countries associate the color white with mourning. Every country does have its own set of fascinating traditions and we were curious to find out. You won’t be able to guess which culture spends literally a month prior to their wedding days crying every single day, or which one is forced to drink out of a toilet on their wedding night. Get ready for some of the more interesting practices you aren’t used to seeing here in Zimbabwe.

Swedish Traditions
If you do end up being invited to a Swedish wedding please carry a ton load of mints to keep a fresh breath. it is tradition that If a bride or groom “abandons” their new spouse, even just to go to the bathroom, all the women have to kiss the groom, and when the groom leaves, all the men have to kiss the bride.

Chinese Traditions
Hope you’ve stocked up on eye drops and cooling eye patches, in southwest China, starting a month before the big day, the bride cries for one hour every day. As the wedding approaches, the mom joins in on the crying ritual and then by the end of the month, every female in the family is crying with the bride. This is supposed to be a symbol of joy and a happy marriage.

Congolese Traditions
Marriage is very serious business considering the bride and groom are not allowed to smile during the entire ceremony! It is said to be disrespectful and can be misconstrued as not being serious about the union.

Traditions in Kenya
It is tradition of the Massai nation for the father of the bride to spit on her head and breasts. She then has to walk away without looking back, or she will turn to stone.

French Traditions: Drinking from the toilet
Newlyweds in France were forced to drink leftovers from their wedding out of a toilet bowl. Nowadays, chocolate and champagne are used as a substitute, but still served out of a toilet. The idea was to give the bride and groom strength before their wedding night.

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