#SelfLove – Manyathi Interview

Colletta Makuwira comes from a family of creative-minded people. She has loved make-up and believes it transforms people into beautiful souls. She finds inspiration in the natural beauty of her clients and gently enhances their features, bringing out their true beauty instead of masking it. The fact that after make-up many ladies smile and love how they look is what gives her joy the most.  Colletta shares with the Exposé team on how make-up has managed to build confidence and put a shift from her plus size body.

“Most people judge you because you are big. The reason I chose make-up is because it gives me confidence and I feel safe because most people will focus on my face rather than my body. When you have make-up you start feeling confident. I love the transformation that comes with it. Most people smile after seeing the transformation. I remember when a “hwindi” attacked me and this lady because we had occupied one seat and we were supposed to sit separately so that the ‘slim’ ones would fit. Another scenario was at school. I was big then too and at one point, my mom couldn’t find my size for the winter uniform. The whole school laughed at me because the tailor ended up sewing something I could fit in.  I am not bothered at all. My husband loves this size. He actually calls me ‘My Gonyeti’. I am at a point where I don’t care about what people will say about my weight. It’s their problem not mine. 

Photography: OC Media Studios
Wardrobe: Mutsa’s Creations
Make Up:Chichew

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