Valentines & Christianity – Pastor Muserera Interview

Christianity is one of the most dominating religions in Africa, being well known in being built in the foundation of Love. As we celebrate the month of Love, Tapiwanashe Rubaya (TR) a journalist caught up with Jefferson Muserera (JM) [a young Pastor] and discussed if its suitable for Christians to celebrate Valentine’s Day. During the interview Jefferson Muserera opens up about his love life and his career in Television Presenting and modelling.

TR:Who is Jefferson ?
JM: Jefferson is a focused, determined and humble YOUNG man with a drive to one day leave a legacy that can be remembered and can be inspirational to the next generation. I am a very spiritual person in that I love the Lord so much, for He is the foundation of all you see in me today. I’m nothing without Him.  I stand on Isaiah 41 : 10-16 & Psalms 23!

TR:Describe the term Valentines?
JM:Valentines is a meaningless term to me which we have tried to identify as the basis of expressing true Love, which I disagree with. So, I can’t describe it as it has no significant meaning to me.

TR:Last time I checked you were divorced have you bounced back and fall in love again?
JM: Yes, that’s true ! Well I have definitely bounced back and I am committed to someone now. I’m so in Love!.

TR:Share with us your memorable valentines day.
JM:I always express my love spontaneously and love being unpredictable, so the memories are plenty but are just not made on that day!

TR:The world is about to celebrate Valentines day.Is there a biblical scripriture from the bible which supports the celebration of Valentine’s day ?
JM:Definitely NO! But if you ask me scriptures on love, there’s plenty.

TR:From your view, is it right to commemorate this day, as in Africa its viewed as a western culture?
JM: It’s totally wrong,I personally don’t encourage it but will never judge anyone that chooses to commemorate it.

TR:What is your take that African pastors have turned away from preaching about love and have turned into prosperity gospel?
JM:It is a fact that most have turned away from the true gospel of Jesus Christ. What is love is my question?. Simplified ,GOD IS LOVE ! But this generation is preaching less of him. Though we have those frilly called and are being used by God, we now have a generation that believes having a gift is the license to lead a flock which is not true at all. John 13 :34 – 35 says and I quote,
“34.. A New command I give you , Love one another as I have loves you, so you must love one another.
35. By this all men will know that you are my disciples,if you love one another.” So why preach on prosperity when there is no love its pointless we see It in 1 Corinthians 13 : 2 which says “If I have the Gift of Prophecy and can fathom mysteries and all knowledge and if I have a Faith that can move mountains, but have no love, I AM NOTHING”. That said I rest my case, lets preach Love, lets preach Jesus!!!

TR:As a young pastor, what message do you mainly preach to youths in your church?
JM: I have learnt there is no better message than that of Jesus Christ. It is the POWER unto Salvation!

TR:Besides being a pastor, you are also a model. Most Christians don’t support the modelling industry. How do you balance modelling and being a pastor?
JM: I take modeling as a job. It’s just the negative publicity that makes people stigmatize models about their morals! However, I have to agree that these things are there, but don’t they happen in any other company you can work for. No one will go into a bank to check if people have their morals in check. Its a matter of being in the public eye. There are a lot of decent models that are also Christians. JUST BE PROFESSIONAL ABOUT IT!!!

TR:Speaking about modelling congratulations for winning two awards Best Male MC and Best Visual model during last year’s Zimbabwe Models Awards. What does the award mean to you?
JM:Thank you very much! Just to add, on I also won The Male MODEL of the Year Award at the Awards. It marks the beginning of greater things to come and also the beginning of a journey to groom and inspire New talent. It could also be my mark to take my work onto the international stage!

TR:Share with us five things that the world does not know about you?
JM: 1. I’m a singer. 2. I’m a very good soccer player and once challenged for a spot at Dynamos juniors whilst in high school. 3. I’m the youngest ever News Anchor on Zimbabwe Television’s show “This Morning” at 19 years old. 4. I love Politics and will one day be involved. Who knows, i might be your future president if God allows. 5. My childhood dream is to single handedly build a place of Worship.

TR:Any words of wisdom to those who will be celebrating valentines?
JM:Let Our Vows Everlasting being the abbreviation of L.O.V.E! Having celebrated it, what matters most is keeping those vows of love intact. Trust me, it can’t be possible with just lavish gifts but the presence of God in your relationship. Please DO NOT idolize this celebration. May love be a daily expression and gifts shared, no matter how big or expensive should be from the heart!

TR:And to those who are going through heartbreaks?
JM:Matt 5 : 44 says “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. Keep your head up, forgive and work towards building a better you first before moving on.” God loves you that’s what really matters!!!

By Tapiwa Rubaya

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