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Skydiving Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

For the ultimate adrenaline junky, if you love the thrill of heights and speed your bucket-list is not complete without the ultra-cool Zimbo tandem skydive. Skydive Tandem Company is a private skydiving company which was pioneered by Christopher Wilkinson-Pearce in Mauritius in 2009. He himself has been in the industry for years and has 30 years of experience in it. Tandem skydiving, for those whose curiosity has been peaked, is an extreme sport recommended for skydiving students or any amateur skydivers with little or no training.

The client is hooked up and secured onto the tandem instructor and therefore, the professional does all the heavy lifting while you simply enjoy the 10000 foot free fall, 5 minute parachute ride and smile for the camera! For those a little weary about safety, don’t worry. These professionals have extensive experience & the parachute rigs come equipped with an automatically opening reserve parachute for backup. Led by a highly qualified and dedicated small team; the pilot and the tandem instructors, you are in the safest hands from the drive to the air strip to the thrilling leap off the plane.

  • Skydiving Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

Licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe, you can be assured of high level professionalism and decorum. STC is situated in Zambezi National Park, a short drive away from the resort town of Victoria Falls and receives a myriad of visitors a year coming from as far as Europe who refuse to leave without the full-on Zimbabwean sightseeing adventure it offers its clients. As the name of STC spreads in fame, more iconic figures are making their way down to their air strip and they were privileged to host iconic Zimbabwean comedian Carl Joshua Ncube in January 2018.

With this exploit comes the chance to also see Zimbabwe’s expansive wildlife from elephants to giraffes during your blissful free-fall. Surround yourself with the perfect Zambezi ambiance with a sunrise or sunset dive and treat your eyes to one of the Natural Wonders of the world, our very own supreme Victoria Falls, to add a unique, almost surreal feel to the rush. STC’s aim is to make your trip the most enjoyable it can be, working hard to ensure it is worth your time and money. Scared to lose the memories of one of the most phenomenal moments of your life? No worries! Have your pictures and videos taken of you on this adventure of a lifetime to sharethe experience with loved ones. STC has received much appraisal and recommendation from numerous tourists and it receives excellent ratings on travel websites such as TripAdvisor and we hope that you, too, will soon join the ever-growing family of fun-loving skydivers!

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