3 Common Mistakes We Make On Natural Hair

Natural Hair Mistakes

There is a whole load of information nowadays on how to care for and style natural hair. Its important to take extra care of our natural hair if we want to keep it healthy, growth and retain length (for those who want to grow their hair out). Last time we discussed on how our natural African hair is fragile and needs extra loving and care and we pointed out that this time around we will point out the 3 main mistakes that we make on our natural hair.

1. Detangling Dry Hair
Somehow, we are all guilty of this. Years of experience and research can teach us to be more gentle on our hair. It’s an excellent way to promote mechanical damage and breakage.Curly/ kinky hair is prone to dryness because those very same curls and kinks make our scalp’snatural oil (serum) more difficult to travel down the hair shaft. In addition to that, our hairtends to curl onto itself (and with neighboring strands) causing tangles. Because of this, theeasiest and most efficient way to detangle our hair is to add moisture and use a wide tooth comb or
brush which will help those curls and tangles to “slip” away from each other with less resistance. Also, say no to combing curls with fine-toothed tools.

2. Over Manipulation
It’s difficult to avoid over manipulation of natural hair. Who doesn’t love tight, neat braids, cornrows or a weave. This will definitely lead to our natural hair becoming more brittle and dry. Girl, chill on re-twisting or re-braiding your hair every night. Keep the pulling and tugging to a minimum. Breakage is counterproductive to retention and growth, so, if length is a part of your #hairgoals then keep your manipulation to a minimum.

3. Not caring from the inside
This is perhaps the largest oversight because we connect so much of our hair’s health and behavior to what we do to it on the outside instead of how we nourish it from the inside. The condition of our hair is so much more than the products we use and how we style it. Ultimately hair grows from the scalp which is directly affected by how we take care of our bodies from the inside. This means maintaining a healthy diet, a good balance of vitamins and nutrients, and a healthy body i.e. sweating which promotes growth. So consider the moments where your hair is damaged and not responding to good hair care habits. Drink your water, eat your greens, sweat a couple times a week and mind your business! Your hair will thank you!

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