All About The Telling Room Movie

The Telling Room Movie Zimbabwe

The filming industry of Zimbabwe is slowly precipitating into a marvel. Finally, we have progressed toward special effects and fantasy with this in a new  up-coming fantasy titled ‘The Telling Room’.

“The movie finished filming early January this year and is now being edited. It’s a very intensive and demanding movie to pull of, with lots of incredible action scenes and dramatic sequences. There’s lots of Visual effects work and CGI work which needs doing, that will be done over the next couple of months.

The Director expects the movie to be completed and ready for viewing by September/ October this year, however, it will only be released to the public early 2019. This is because it is going to be submitted to Sundance Film Festival and/ or the Cannes Film Festival which will take place at the beginning of 2019. After the festival it will be released in international cinemas around the world.”

Duncan and Kristi-lee, the pioneers of Mudbug Films recently finished filming this new production that Zimbabwe and the rest of the world eagerly waits to see on the big screens as soon as it it released to the public in 2019.

Watch the movie teaser below:

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