Adverts That Wowed Zimbabwean TV Back In The Days.

Chibuku Old ZImbabwean Adverts

Growing up there was a time when the whole family would sit in front of the TV, mostly during prime times. The adverts screened during the breaks were entertaining on their own. Today, Zimbabwean TV adverts are boring and the quality has deteriorated. Nobody has time to be watching adverts about graveyard space or payment plans for water bills. We want to revive the nostalgic feeling and this month we travel with you down memory lane to the days when television was a fashion statement, a symbol of wealth and most of all, watchable. Check out our top 5 best adverts of all time. Comment below if you think we left out your favorite.

An exhilarating performance featuring Oliver Mutukudzi and a band of energetic young children playing homemade Olivine instruments.

A father regrettably finds himself with the duty of doing the dirty laundry to aid his ailing wife. But unfortunately his soap keeps disappearing stolen by the naughty village children. Finally, he abandons the chase and buys the soap for everybody but when he goes back to his laundry his washing dish is gone!

Two children bid their mother farewell as they head for school, accompanied by an overly-playful baby rhino that sways the children off their route to school for a short fun-filled excursion!

The humourous mimed advert depicts a smartly dressed young man arriving at a township with an eager smile. He is a comical character, evoking laughter from the townsmen and children watching as he brings his ear to the ground, listening for the Chibuku truck until it arrives and he can enjoy it with his friends!

Two young men buy their favorite can of jam but leave it outside the bus they accidentally board. Noticing this, a friendly youth chases the bus on his faithful bicycle, determined to return the lost property to its rightful owners! The bus stops at another small town and the youth finally catches the men, only to find him with four newly bought tons of Sun Jam!

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