Why am I Vegan? Torture Doesn’t Taste Good On Me

Vegetarian Diet

Initiation is one far more important aspect of getting on board with whatever one intends to do or achieve. Business wise, they regard this stage as the do or die determinate factor.To succeed in that, customers or clients respond accordingly to the impact and intensity of your initial appearance to the market and thus why a well-coordinated and orchatstred marketing strategy always gives any economic agent a competitive advantage over other firms. Therefore, if we do agree that initiation is critical then, STARTING becomes a hero worship song that we all should dance to. Relating this to the vegan topic under scrutiny, starting is starting no matter how unique or different that could be in comparison with various ways of initiating your move to become a vegan.

Sharing my experience of how I managed to do it is something that keeps me afloat and keeps on putting my adrenaline on the rush and I am so keen to. Psychologically it is certain that you can drop an old habit or assume a new one better than before in 3 weeks and this to everyone sounds so practical. The biggest move ever was cutting down the consumption of all red meats and sugar. For starters I knew that it was going to be a hurdle with the meat part and I preserved space only for fish, specifically shunning fresh and dried kapenta (matemba), the reason being that of too much salt used in the process of drying them. As we all know that too much salt and direct use of it through fast foods etc. , increases one’s potential of developing kidney stones and no one is willing to suffer from that worse pain ever scenario. Processed sugars (white sugar etc.) is also bad for your skin, puts too much stress on your insulin, and your eyes too, just to mention a few.

Furthermore, I increased my water intake to 2 litres per day, maintained 3 days of going on track jogging 10 rounds per each session every week and scaled up the use of lemon juice, red chillies, garlic and ginger and a lot of fruits both indigenous and exotic. On waking up each and every morning, I did apply the Japanese Water Therapy of drinking a litre to 1.5 litres of fresh water before brushing my teeth and going for the next hour without eating anything so as to give more room for the water to do its magic before the digestive system get congested with its
daily routine works. Recent studies done to ascertain the use of water in treating human ailments suggest that, drinking water on an empty stomach has the potential of healing various diseases ranging from arthritis, tuberculosis, digestive disorders, constipation, natural way of detoxifying etc. and I see no reason why most people are not taking advantage of it.

Through continuous research on health matters and how to live healthy, I came across an article done by Doctor Wellness a well nurtured nutritionist based at Sam Levy shopping mall and a proponent of fortification and denouncer of the use of cooking oil .Resoundingly I did something that set the record straight and during my initiation stages, faced a lot resistance and no one understood my intention of doing all this collective move of small habits that could change the course of my history. I stopped the use and consumption of both polyunsaturated (soybean, cotton, sunflower cooking oil) and monounsaturated (olive oil etc.) oils and made it a habit of boiling, steaming, drying and grilling all of my dishes. Surprisingly, I discovered a very self-disrupting habit that I grew up doing and this is so typical to most of us and we do it without conscious even though it worsens our chances of maintaining a well-balanced PH level within our stomach and affects the absorption of vitamins, minerals and nutrients from the colony, both upper and lower colon.

Have you ever noticed that most people, after having a meal, be it breakfast, lunch or supper they drink a glass or two of well chilled cold water from the fridge. With fast foods it is very much common to witness someone chowing frenchie’s, deep fried wings or chicken pieces at same time drinking a chilled juice, fizzy or creamy frozen smoothie and simple science demonstrates to us that, when you mix up water and oil, that combination will never mix and oil will always stay afloat of the water. This reaction is exactly what happens inside the colony and with repeated encounters, that oil becomes clogged on the walls around the colon since some of the times, the temperature needed to deboned/thaw that clogging oil can fail to materialize and the colony becomes clogged and thus increasing the risk of any form of colony cancer and inevitably, the rectum will not escape this unfortunate scenario. In Japan it is a well-known habit to drink warm water, tea or green tea while eating something. Taking heed of such disturbing probabilities, I managed to transcend my eating habits and food choices to a more conscious level and guys come on, how could I forgive the incident of fast foods! As of now, I cannot do KFC, CHICKEN INN or CHICKEN SLICE, the reason being that of me trying to “reap corn in a sweet potatoe field “, that is fairytale as it sounds.

Foreclosure, it was a success within those 21 days of initiation and this was mainly attributed to those small continuous and collective efforts, the say “Success is a result of collective efforts executed with focus and determination.” and as for myself, I also believe that repetition is key to success. Advice tip: never be that too hard and rigid to yourself, bear in mind, you fall down 10 000 times and the 11th chance, you have the choice of pulling up yourself to get back on track and race again till you win or stay fallen and make all your history disappear into oblivion.


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