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With her earliest memory being sketching and designing outfits at only 7 years old, Fungai Muzoroza’s journey in the fashion industry has begun. Read on as she sheds some light on her career and how it all started.

What inspired you to become a fashion designer?
I think what attracted me to the fashion industry is how fashion is so diverse, style is so diverse. and just seeing people come together through fashion. and all of those things is beautiful so I think it’s the diversity and the fact that people can express themselves through what they wear even if it’s just the color, texture etc what we were tells a story as it portrays our mood, culture and emotions.

Do you have any role models in the industry? Who do you look up to? Who inspires you?
I actually look up to quite a few local designers such as CoCo ‘Tapfumanei Manenge’ and Connie founder of CoCo Seed. One of the most low-key I would say and international designers that have inspired me is actually Kimora Lee Simmons. as a child I’d watch her show and how she handled fashion designing and her career in general. Id even go on the Internet and just look at her designs and she’s really inspired me because she really came from nothing to something, she built an empire and that’s what I am trying to achieve as well

What inspires your creative “Fuzi Fash” designs?
To be honest, I don’t really know where I find inspiration for my designs because as it is right now I’m still just trying to explore and find myself through to designing so yeah but I do think that most of my designs are inspired by African things and I’m also looking into Street wear and I’m just getting inspired by all of those things and those vibes so I’m not too sure yet.

As a young person; a fully fledged young designer in the industry do you face any challenges?
There are quite a number of challenges in the fashion industry especially in the Zimbabwe. One of the first challenges has more to do with the models and how they get mistreated and are underpaid. They really do a lot for the fashion designers and I do think they should start getting paid more and treated better because they are one of the reasons why our fashion industry is doing as well as it is. Another issue would be the fact that some Zimbabwean fashion designers, unfortunately, overprice a few things and I guess it is fair to say that “This item is expensive because of the material and the labor the thought process”. Unfortunately, not many people can afford it and at the end of the day you have people going abroad buying things from Fashion Nova or from Forever 21 and not investing in our own country and I think that’s mainly the reason why. Overpricing their clothing and their production means that people aren’t going to want to buy their from their line, as beautiful as it is.

Lastly, what do you hope to achieve for yourself and the budding industry?
My aspiration is to come back to Zimbabwe after university and build up a clothing empire such as Forever 21. Looking at it, South Africa has Edgar’s. Europe has Marks and Spencer and Primark, America has its Fashion Nova and Zimbabwe really doesn’t have its own thing. So I’d really want to bring that to Zim; to have the latest styles and trends available and not have to go to the flea market to dig deep down for something that we like or have to go into a store for tees and see them going for $70. Something that’s cheap or affordable so to say, but that everyone would like and appreciate. And have stores all over Zimbabwe for everyone to enjoy.

To view some of her work, visit Fungai’s website here.

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