Don’t Shop, Swop

Have you ever heard of the 20/80 rule of wardrobes? Basically, it says that we only use only 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. The other 80% is just hanging there, untouched and eventually discarded. You’ve also heard the old saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure? A clothing swap is a great way to swap treasures, encourage the sharing community and make memories.

Exposé Magazine, in collaboration with Nakisso Boutique will be hosting a clothes swap party on the first Saturday of October, 2018. Running with the theme “Don’t Shop, Swop”, we decided that this is perfect timing as most people will be shopping for summer clothes. So, instead of spending money on new clothes, why not come join us and swop some clothes for totally different ones?

The event will take place at Small World Lodge in Harare and will start at 11am. Cover charge will be $10 and this covers refreshments. Payment can be made via cash, Ecocash or bank transfer either before the event or on the event day. There are a limited number of spaces available so attendees are encouraged to RSVP.

How it works – Clothing tokens will be used as a swapping ‘currency’ to ensure a fair swap. One piece of clothing coming in receives one token to be used for one other item. Tokens will also be given according to the clothing item received. Upon arrival, clothes submitted will be inspected for quality and cleanliness and attendees will be given tokens where the nicest items will score gold token, followed by silver then bronze accordingly. Therefore, for one to get something from the “gold” rack, one would need a gold token. Simple.

Please note that items should only have minor defects if any, that are easy to repair (such as a missing button). If you wouldn’t give the item to a friend then don’t bring it to swap! We will be turning away some items at check-in. All leftover items will be donated to Child Future Africa, a private voluntary organization which runs an orphanage shelter in Mt Darwin, in the Mashonaland Central province.

Other than the clothes swopping, this event will also be an opportunity for networking with people in different industries. So, for the young entrepreneurs attending, please bring your business cards. Join us for a lovely afternoon of fashion, games and new memories.

Look out for more event details on Exposé Magazine’s Facebook page. For questions, please do not hesitate to email us on or call/ WhatsApp us on +263 77 746 5610.

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