Sassy Nails and Luscious Lips

Matching lipstick and nail polish

At some point in the fashion decades, the matching nails and lips trend seemed out-dated. However, it’s safe to say that it seems to be making a huge come back this summer. Matching “lips and tips” is a fun way to create a bold or ladylike look.

Being all matchy-matchy can come off as overwhelming at times, but there are other ways to coordinate besides matching. You can match either your nail or lip colour to your outfit (like a red lipstick with a red dress and French manicure.) Or, you can coordinate your nail polish to your eye shadow. For example, if you’re wearing smoky-coloured eye shadow, wear a dark nail polish and downplay your lips by choosing a more neutral lipstick colour.

Nude Nails And Lips

How far you coordinate everything depends a lot on how dressed up you are. In jeans, you can wear any colour lipstick and nail polish. But, if you’re showing off a more polished, evening look, make it a point to coordinate your nail polish and lipstick with your dress.

When choosing lipstick and nail polish, always go for colours that work with your skin tone. If you have fair skin, go with nudes, pinks, sheers and pastels. For a more dramatic look, occasionally choose a pop of dark colour to contrast your fair skin. If you have olive skin, choose polishes and lipsticks with gold, orange, red or yellow-based brown hues; avoid tones with blue bases. Berry, chocolate and wine shades will all look great on dark skin.

But no matter the style or season, the most important thing is to choose colours that fit your personality. If you’re on the conservative side, you may want to stay away from flashy shades. But if your personality is more fire than ice, then by all means go for them! Another hint would be to mix of the textures. Two contrasting textures keep the look current and modern. Coordinating matte lips and shiny nails makes a major case for matching your lipstick to your current manicure.

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