A Broke Girl’s Guide To Saving Money

Broke Girls Guide To Saving Money

Are you always wondering why you are always broke? Here are 8 ways to sneakily save money and spend more mindfully.


Buy Second Hand Clothes

If you have never thrift shopped, we highly recommend you do so right now. You have no idea what you are missing. It can be a hit or miss but if you look hard enough, you will find some hidden treasures. Half the time you will probably find things that have never been worn, with that “Forever 21” tag still on.


Pinterest should be your bff for DIY ideas. It has ideas for pretty much anything. Even if you are not really a crafty person, you can still do it and live with the satisfaction that you actually made something.

Get A Side Hustle

What are you good at that you could do outside of work? Braiding hair, tutoring, waitressing on weekends? Get creative and increase your income. We do advise you to stay away from network marketing schemes. Don’t do it. Issa scam.

Braiding Hair

Pretend Your Raise Never Happened

You worked extra hard. You got a raise. Well done to you. Now you need to capitalize on your savings by putting the difference in your savings account. You lived off of less before so saving the increase shouldn’t make a difference.

Keep Your Money in USD

We all know our current economic situation. For all we know, we could just wake up one day to news that all the money we have in our bank accounts is worth nothing. You definitely do not want a repeat of 2008. So, whenever you can, purchase US dollars.

Take Day Trips

Are you in desperate need of a vacation? Try taking day trips instead of trying to save for an expensive trip which will probably never happen. Gather some friends and head out on the open road. There are quite a few nice places you could visit around Zimbabwe which you won’t need to pay an entrance fee for. The Mutorashanga green pool is a perfect example.

Meal Prep

Instead of making one meal at a time, why not use your Sunday afternoons to prepare your lunches for the whole week? This will also save you from spending money on buying lunch. There are tonnes of recipes on Pinterest or Tasty. Try it out and see.

Chicken Meal Preps

Do a monthly budget. And Stick To It

Total up categories like groceries, bills, entertainment, etc., and then see if you have any money left over. Sticking to it is the most difficult part. Once or twice you may fall off the wagon, but it’s important to get back on it.

Good luck. Please comment, share and let us know how it goes.

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