Tytan Skhokho: Growing and Glowing

Most thought Tytan would fade away after the hit song “Mukoko” with Ammara Brown. Most thought he was going to be a one hit wonder, but here he is continuing to grow and glow and is making waves not only in the music industry, but in the business and fashion industry too.

Who is Tytan?

Tytan Nyabulo Mayibongwe Nkomo born on the 6th of February 1990 is not only a musician, but also an entrepreneur, a graphic artist and also a brand consultant. One other thing that Tytan shared with us that most people don’t know, is that he carves curios. Yes, he is that much of an artist and is truly the jack of all trades. Ask Tytan who he is and he will definitely not forget the fact that he is also a married man, “Oh, Tytan is very much a married man with a family,” he says with chuckles that will melt any heart and will give you any reassurance that he is very much happy with who he is.


Tytan Skhokho


Tytan’s recently dropped the single “Let me fall” which has a tropical house, EDM vibe and it is definitely a new aesthetic experience from the artist who doesn’t like to play it safe. We had to ask Tytan how he does it, what his creative process is like and what is his formula for writing if he has one. Tytan laughs when we ask these questions. He says he doesn’t have any specific formula and he gets inspired by things and feelings around him, mostly his wife but he is a personal favorite of working first with the instrumental then the lyrics. Tytan gives credit to his fans on how they understand his music and says he will always give it his all to give them the best.

We also asked Tytan what song he had the most trouble writing and to our surprise he says it was “NDIPE MWOYO” because it was at the time he was going through a rough patch in his relationship and what he learnt from that was that, “If you love your person, just give them your heart.” Tytan says he prefers performing for small audiences rather than bigger audiences because small audiences are intimate and he loves to get to know people who appreciate him rather than those seeing them from a distance.

Marriage and Life

Tytan recently got married to Olinda Chapel Nkomo and it seems as if his music is getting hotter since then. Pretty sure everyone is loving the OC inspired songs. Of course we asked him what the transition has been like from being a single guy to being married has been like and in his own words, “It has been rocky because you have to balance it out. Being married is just as important as having a career and the different energies have to complement each other. Happy wife equals happy life.

Tytan has definitely not had it easy and is no stranger to internet trolls and again we were curious to know how he has been handling that. “The best way to handling trolls is not handling them at all. The moment you give them attention you have given them the power to take everyone else’s attention in a matter that will only benefit them and not you in whatever silly way,” so if you have tried trolling him, this is why he didn’t respond.


Tytan Skhokho

Politics and Charity Work

It’s no secret that Tytan was one of the music influencers who used social media to voice out about the march for a new Zimbabwe that took place last year in November.  This made us wonder if Tytan would ever get involved with politics and when we asked him, his response was, “Musically speaking, maybe, I actually have some projects shelved.” Tytan as of late is also involved in some charity work one with the Olinda Chapel Foundation which he started with his wife to help her channel her energy into something that she loves doing. Currently, they are helping with the fight for cholera by sourcing water tanks for communities that have been attacked by cholera.

What’s next for Tytan?

Since Tyan is also a fan of dancehall music, we asked him if he has anyone whom he hopes to collaborate with in the future. He would love to collaborate with Winky D and Jah Signal whom he believes is coming out great and we are definitely on the lookout for those tracks. What’s next for Tytan you ask? The world, bigger stages and of course new versions of him, Tytan is not here for playing it safe!

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