AFRO NOMADS: Their Travel Vlogging Experience

Afronomads Travel Vloggers Zimbabwe

Vlogging is not an easy thing to do, especially in Zimbabwe where it is still an alien idea to most and society has only just began to accept it. However, Chiedza and Tariro Mutyavaviri aka Afronomads have managed to vlog their way through and can proudly say they made it. We recently caught up with them and they got to tell us about their experiences so far.

How and why it all started

Tariro and Chiedza grew up in a family that liked travelling and have been doing so ever since they were young. Sharing their expedition pictures and videos with the world became so much of an interest that they decided they wanted to share Zimbabwe with the rest of the world, hence starting a travel vlog. “We realized that people only knew parts of Zimbabwe and would only visit the famous areas like Victoria Falls and Great Zimbabwe but we wanted to show the world that there is more of Zimbabwe to see and enjoy.” Their first video was in April 2018 which they recorded using their Apple iPhones.

Afronomads Travel Vloggers Zimbabwe


Of course their vlog Afro Nomads which means African Nomads definitely grew from just being about Zimbabwe to being about Africa as in the name. The duo has recently visited Malawi, South Africa, and Mozambique. There are yet to visit Tanzania and next on their bucket list is Kenya. Locally Tariro and Chiedza say that their favorite to-go place is Honde Valley. “There is just so much to do there, and because we are spontaneous people, we loved and enjoyed it. One can go water rafting, zip lining and even play golf. The weather is good, the vibe is different and enriching from all the other places we have visited locally. Chimanimani is also a really beautiful, attached place and we love that it is not too touristy hence not crowded.” Tariro and Chiedza say they are more of spontaneous travellers, always ready to try new things with zero expectations and are into the stuff that brings out adrenaline.

Afronomads Travel Vloggers Zimbabwe

Favorite destinations

Tariro’s favorite trip is when they visited Mutarazi Falls and got to sky-walk, bungee jump and zipline whilst Chiedza’s favorite trip is when they went to Victoria Falls back in July 2018 where she bungee jumped for the first time conquering her fear of free falling.

Funny experiences

Tariro had her share of hilarious moments when she travelled to India and attended a conference where there were people from different ethnic tribes of India and they confused her for a black Indian from the Sidi tribe ( a tribe which consists of black Indians) instead of a Zimbabwean . Despite her efforts to correct them, the Indians kept insisting and in the end she had to play along. Chiedza also had her funny experience right before she bungee jumped in Victoria Falls and an old couple kept on fussing about how dangerous it was and tried by all means to discourage her from it and when she finally did, they were so relieved she had made it out alive, a moment which was so sweet and funny to Chiedza.

Afronomads Travel Vloggers Zimbabwe

Bad Experiences

Like any other travel enthusiasts, the duo of course has had their share of bad experiences and they shared some of them with us. “When we went to Great Zimbabwe we had a bad experience not because of the place, the site is nothing but beautiful but because of where we stayed. We are not luxurious travellers though! We prefer to spend more money on activities but the place where we stayed just threw everything off balance.”

The future

Kenya tops the bucket list for Chiedza and Tariro. They hope to visit Kenya in the future because of the rich culture vibe it has and the different types of food one can eat in Kenya.

Afronomads Travel Vloggers Zimbabwe


Tariro and Chiedza had of course some advice to share, “It’s important to always manage your expenses well, also keep in mind that you don’t have to break the bank, but you can choose to rather spend your money on activities than expensive luxuries like hotels and sleep in comfortable lodges instead .” Travel has taught them that there is so much culture in the world than what people are exposed and that through travel, you can unlearn about the popular beliefs people have of different cultures. The duo also encourages people to be spontaneous and open to new stuff because that is where the entire thrill is, in having no expectations.

Don’t forget to check out their vlog on YouTube (Afronomads) and their Instagram – (@AfronomadsZim)

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