5 Things to do this December!!

Kanjiva Dance

Most people tend to anticipate December as only two days, they get their hair done, they buy food, drinks and even clothes, all meant to be eaten, spent and worn in those two days. But it’s called the festive season not festive weekend. Last year we celebrated a whole first Christmas without the previous rule and now we get ready to celebrate Christmas in the second republic, against a backdrop of economic instability, inexplicable fires and horrendous deaths.

And whilst we mourn those who have passed on and languish in resilience and an undying hope for our country, November will not be the Grinch that stole Christmas for us. Therefore, December should be treated as a vibe, a mood and an attitude! If there is something to take away from all that has happened over the past couple of months it’s that the future is never certain, all we have is the moment we are in and the people that surround us.

This December should be about five things,

1. Enough fainting!
Can we like leave the idibala/malwedhe fainting challenge in November unless you are like constructing an elaborate video of you falling into space or something like that. If not, I think we can safely move on to other things!

That's Over. it's Cancelled meme

2. Random acts of kindness go a long way!
We exist in this world for so much more than just going to school, getting that job, finding the perfect partner, producing the perfect breed and obsessing about our own lives. We are put in this world to exert ourselves to others. For those that have, to share with those that don’t. To strive for kindness and a willingness to explore more than just our selfish desires! Christmas is that time of the year when we want to do more for others, a time when we want to share the happiness and joy we have, with those not afforded the same as us. Let this festive season be about giving love to humanity.

3. Lets make the Njiva dance viral
We are always hyping other cultures up and joining in on stupid challenges. It’s time we made our own craziness go viral. Zimbabwe is rich with an insane and sometimes misplaced sense of humour. And what better way than to start with the Njiva dance, which up to now some people still actually think that kanjiva implies a girl or we might be the only one lost on this. Anyway, this December is about making our own local content viral and having fun while at it.


4. Have fun!
Whilst we can admit that we do tend to go overboard with the partying and the spending, leaving most of us exhausted and destitute in January – we cannot however seize to have fun because of it! We came across a comment on social media where after watching the trailer of the new Lion King movie, someone commented, and it read, “God keep me alive, to watch this”. This is when one realizes that we truly have is this moment right now and we need to make the most of it. So, this December, this festive season, this Christmas, have fun, dance the night away, eat, laugh and be merry. But remember to party wisely (even though these two words can’t be in the same sentence), don’t put yourself in a situation that could potentially ruin your chances of seeing the new Lion King Movie.

5.  Capture the love
Let’s be honest with each other, if you don’t Instagram it – it never happened!

Merry Christmas to all Zimbabweans and the world beyond!

Yvonne Mateko

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