BBC Earth Presents A New Landmark Series, Dynasties

Bushlife Safaris, who are based in Mana Pools, are delighted with the culmination of four years’ work with Sir David Attenborough and the BBC Earth production team in the filming of a new powerful wildlife series, Dynasties.

In celebration of the launch of the new series, Bushlife Safaris is hosting an exclusive premiere for selected guest to showcase the Dynasties – Painted Wolves episode. The screening will take place at 17h 30 on 5 December, at Ster-Kinekor Cinema, Sam Levy’s Village, Harare.

Bushlife Safari owners, Nick and Desiree Murray and their team of expert guides have worked alongside the BBC Natural History Unit over the past four years, culminating in a shoot with Sir David Attenborough and a pack of Painted Wolves (Lycaon Pictus), also known as African Wild Dogs or Cape Hunting Dogs.

Nick Murray BBC Dynasties

Nick Murray

“It has been a great honour and adventure to have worked alongside Sir David and the BBC film crew while filming the Painted Wolves of Vundu Camp, Bushlife Safaris. We are exceptionally grateful for the BBC’s support in elevating global awareness for the conservation and protection of this endangered species,” commented Nick Murray.

“Never before has a landmark offered audiences the opportunity to follow the lives of animals in such detail, each fighting against overwhelming odds for their own survival and the future of their families. These are some of the most dramatic and intense stories of their kind ever told,” describes the BBC. In addition to their efforts to generate broader awareness for the Painted Wolves of Mana Pools, Nick and Desiree Murray have over 60-years combined wildlife experience providing bespoke guided, walking and canoeing safari experiences for adventurous travellers.

BBC Dynasties Documentary

Dynasties premiers on DStv channel 184, from Sunday 18th November at 16h 00. It will also be available for DStv Premium customers to stream or download from Catch Up on DStv Now and from Catch Up Plus available on a DStv Explora.

Since 1999, Bushlife Safaris has been owned and run by Nick and Desiree Murray who have created an award-winning portfolio of safari experiences. These include the luxurious Vundu Camp built on the banks of the Zambezi River, Little Vundu – an intimate camp, the Ruwesi Canoe Trail which is ideal for adventurous travellers and a tented-camp set in the wild Chitake springs.

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About Bushlife Safaris

Bushlife Safaris are active members in the Mana Pools National Park community and are passionate about wildlife conservation in Zimbabwe. Nick Murray, based in Mana Pools, works alongside a team of experienced pro-guides and trackers, whose main focus is to save our environment from the poachers who inhabit the area. In 2015, following many years of continuous work on the anti-poaching front, the Bushlife Support Unit was set up, uniting the Zambezi Valley community together in a consolidated effort to stop poaching in the area.

The Bushlife Support Unit is challenging work where trackers are deployed daily in vehicles and boats, mostly bought through the donations of our generous guests, where a team of expert rangers are on the search for poachers on both land or river, where once they are tracked down, many arrests have been made, subsequently saving the lives of animals in Mana Pools National Park. Bushlife Safaris partner with Zimparks and their rangers in the fight against poaching.

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About Painted Wolf Conservancy

Painted Wolf Conservancy is a branch of Bushlife Support Unit Trust, funded by donations given to Bushlife Conservancy, a registered US 5013 non-profit . The Painted Wolf Conservancy strives to protect the endangered wild dogs living in Zimbabwe’s Lower Zambezi Valley.



About BBC Dynasties

Dynasties is a new kind of natural history event. Five episodes, five of the most celebrated and endangered animals on the planet. Never before have we presented a landmark series with such powerful storytelling – about families, leaders and heroes. Never before has a landmark offered the viewer the opportunity to follow the lives of animals in such detail, each fighting against overwhelming odds for their own survival and the future of their families. These are some of the most dramatic and intense stories of their kind ever told.

BBC Dynasties Documentary

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