Surviving Valentine’s

Valentines Day Date Ideas

February 14 is a day set aside almost worldwide to celebrate love, lovers and all things mooshy. Sure if you are part of a couple, have a bit of disposable income and a good imagination (*wink wink), this day is beautiful and rosy. You get presents, give presents and can be lovey dovey all you like. However, not everyone is in this favoured group. Chances are 14 February is too much of a middle of the month hassle for most. People tend to end up bowing to social pressure to grudgingly celebrate it or end up feeling like an out cast – if you are single, or a miser for not flamboyantly proving they love their person. Valentine’s doesn’t have to be a nightmare each year.

Here are a few tips to survive it:

  1. Do not spend what you don’t have
    Valentine’s day is supposed to be about appreciating the loved ones around you and even yourself. Most people in this economy are still recovering from Christmas expenses, school fees and general “January disease”. If you have responsibilities, it’s good to be practical about it and spend wisely. A nice bar of chocolate, a printed photo of your loved one and even a trinket can go a long way. Loving doesn’t always mean spending big.
  2. Valentine’s day when you are single
    Valentines day for singles doesn’t have to be steeped in misery and envy, watching all those happy couples. Whilst it may sting to be the only one not receiving flowers or a gift in your office, its hardly a train-smash. There is no law that says you can’t pamper yourself especially Valentine’s. Loving yourself is a healthy habit and it doesn’t need to break the bank either. Do something nice for yourself and feel good.
  3. Valentines day when “its complicated”/ your partner thinks its a load of tosh/ you really can’t cope with the office sympathy of never getting a giftI had to address this. Pity parties and or sending yourself a gift so you pretend an admirer sent it won’t work. Sulking and tantrums to manipulate your partner and using “its complicated” into buying you a pressie will just come back and bite you in the bottom the next day. Why?
    – Pity parties are awkward so go be miserable elsewhere instead of sending out sad forlorn vibes
    – Buying your own gift to send to yourself so people think you have an admirer is unwise. Chances are high that you will be found out and laughed at behind your back (singles take note)
    – manipulating unwilling partners or suitors who do not believe in Valentine’s into buying you a gift will build resentment and open up doors for them to manipulate you back sooner or later.

My solution, try point number 2.

I hope these three short points will at help in surging Valentine’s this year. Happy Valentine’s everyone.

By Hazel Ngorima

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