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Lily Nkanike Young Artist Harare

Ruvimbo Janike is one artist who loves to capture moments, not with a camera, but with paint. Her paintings which are inspired by nature are hard to miss in any gallery. We caught up with Ruvimbo to find out more about her art.

Lily Nkanike Young Artist Harare

Do you have a studio and what is your process of working in the studio?
I like painting in my room while I play my favorite music. I usually start by researching a subject I’m fascinated by and I do this usually in the form of reading, watching videos or photo galleries. After that I let imagination take the reins relying on my memory to paint anything that captivated me.

What mediums do you use when painting?
I use acrylic poster paint and I paint on card. It works well for me because of its fast-drying properties and there are less technical issues.

Lily Nkanike Young Artist Harare


What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on a landscape painting for an auction for charity. My dad invited me for a charity dinner and it will be my contribution to support their community movement.

What is your dream project?
I have studied painting and now I’m studying graphic design so I’m keeping an open mind to see where both will take me. Maybe a project where I can utilize both skills.

Is there any piece of art that you are bound to?
It’s not one but many. My art teacher, the late Mr. Peter Birch had a series of paintings I found drawn to which inspired most of my artworks and they still resonate with me today.

Are there any challenges that you face?
The current economic situation in Zimbabwe has me facing some financial challenges. I don’t paint as much as I would love to because I need to constantly buy quality paint which is expensive.

How do you sell your art?
I find clients through friends and family. I also decorated my mom’s office so her colleagues call to buy some wall art too. I also sell at exhibitions and through my instagram page @lilynjanike.

Lily Nkanike Young Artist Harare


What do you enjoy doing besides art?

I like travelling and taking part in building activities, especially ones that involve camping. Any excuse to be surrounded by nature.

What advice would you give other artists like you?

My advice is keep painting, it is who you are and your artistic expression is your gift to the world. Do not conform to anyone’s standard, your authentic self is your best.

Lily Nkanike Young Artist Harare

Lastly, Do you have any quote from any if your favorite artists that you live by?
Yes. There is a quote by Vincent Van Gogh quote, “Love many things, for therein lies the truth strength and whosoever loves much, performs much, and can accomplish much and what is done in love is done well.”

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By Carole Motsi

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