Valentine’s Day Traditions Around The World

Valentines Day Traditions aorund the world

Valentine’s Day, the festival of love, is a date celebrated across the globe. Certain nationalities will gift their partners with bouquets of flowers and handmade chocolates, while others go to the extremes to prove their love, including walking through frozen fields barefoot, proposing to their partners and writing anonymous poetry! To help you with an idea of what Valentine’s Day looks like for other couples in different countries, we’ve listed some of the world’s most weird and wonderful traditions below. As you’ll discover, there are numerous ways that you can show your love!

1. Japan

Against protocol, it is the girls that chase the guys in Japan! Girlfriends and wives gift their men chocolate-infused presents in hopes that they’ll return the gesture the following month. To celebrate, retailers go to extreme lengths to encourage buyers to splurge on chocolate over this period, by investing in an array of unique creations. In fact, half of all the chocolate sold in Japan is in the period near to Valentine’s Day.

Japan Valentines Traditions

2. Denmark and Norway

To celebrate this momentous date in Denmark and Norway, those who are loved will send their Valentine an anonymous poem or card, signed with only the number of dots that represent the letters of his name. If the girl is able to guess the suitor, she will be gifted with a chocolate Easter egg. If not – it is she who is to buy the egg for her admirer in the form of an apology!

Denmark Valentines Traditions

3. Wales

Those in Wales tend not to celebrate Saint Valentines in the usual way – instead, they pay homage to the Welsh patron saint of lovers, who goes by the name Saint Dwynwen. To mark this special date, loved-up individuals gift each other with picture-perfect, wooden carved spoons. These are handed out in January, prior to the madness that is associated with 14th February. The tradition has grown dramatically, and these hand-carved gifts are now becoming popular wedding, birthday and anniversary presents.

Wales Valentines Traditions

4. South Korea

If you’re the ultimate romantic, take note from South Korea, who celebrate this date each and every month on the 14th day. Gifts include the likes of love, hug gestures, roses, wine, and kissing. When 14th February comes around, chocolates, fluffy toys, flowers and all of the traditional Valentines trimmings replace the above gestures in abundance. There is even a celebration for singletons, which takes place in April, titled ‘Black Day’, which involves single people getting together to celebrate their independence by dining on meals of black sesame noodles.

South Korea Valentines Traditions

5. Philippines

This country go above and beyond come to Valentine’s Day, by none other than putting a ring on it! If you’re keen to take part in a mass wedding, book your plane tickets now. This phenomenon has grown massively in recent years, with the universal day of love being seen by many couples as the perfect time to wed. Mass wedding ceremonies take place everywhere from parks to shopping malls and also tend to attract those who have been married for many years, who use the celebration as an opportunity to renew their vows. The government even sponsors a handful of these loved-up events in the name of ‘public service’.

Phillipines Valentines Traditions

With so many weird and wonderful Valentine’s Day taking place all over the world, we hope the above has provided you with a little insight into how other couples around the world celebrate love!

Happy Valentines Day!

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